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Saturday, 22 September 2012

New To The Painting Queue

Well, with the ECW Dragoons for Andy waiting for their matt varnish spray, I needed to get some more figures prepped for painting. Last night I cleaned up the flash etc on Andy's ECW cuirassiers, the Dux's WW2 Paras and Helga.

This evening I have done some more work on them.

Andy's ECW Cuirassiers

Nice and simple - glue onto painting sticks; prime with grey gesso. I won't be able to start painting these until Sunday as the gesso needs to cure.

The Dux's WW2 Paras

Glued onto 20mm washers to facilitate painting; primed with Vallejo white polyurethane primer; washed with diluted mix of my brown and black ink washes (8 drops brown, 2 drops black, 20 drops water) to provide some pre-shading and definition of detail.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the photos above, I managed to miss some mold lines on a couple of the figures, so I'll have to strip them, clean the mold lines and re-prime them. Also, it is clear that the Bren gunner's face was somewhat miscast - however, the way it came out I can probably get away with painting below the eyes as a scarf pulled up as a "mask".

I'm going to be trying a new (for me) technique to paint these, basing it on this guide on the Peabody Here! blog.


This deliciously malicious young lady has been glued to a 32mm washer which was then covered with coarse acrylic texture gel. Once the gel had dried, the whole lot was primed and washed as per the paras.

Doesn't she look fab? Well, she'll (hopefully!) look even more fab when I've finished painting her. I've got a colour scheme in mind now for the base colours:
Armour - Hull Red (possibly with a bit of metallic medium or Bronze paint mixed in)
Jump Smock - Dark Prussian Blue
Trousers - Royal Purple
Hair - well, as she'll be "me", she has to be a natural redhead (I am *NOT* looking forward to painting the freckles though!)

The base colours should provide a good contrast to each other, whilst also complementing each other at the same time


  1. Looking great! Never come across pre-shading with wash before - interested to hear what you think of the method. I think there was an article in Wargames Illustrated recently that gave a method for painting freckles...

  2. What a busy lass you are


  3. I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with these. Have a happy Saturday!

  4. Someone's gonna have a busy day!

  5. @ Dux - glad to have provided a new technique then. I came across it over a year ago, but haven't had a chance to try it until now. Thanks for reminding me about the WI series on painting - I'll check through my pile (it was only a couple of issues back unless I'm mistaken).

    @ Ian - yup, always busy :)

    @ Anne - thanks! Pics of a 54mm test figure are up (not fully painted - it would need at least 2 rounds of highlighting to be fully painted).

    @ Ray - yup, another busy day for me.