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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WIP: Painting Helga #2

And she's done, apart from matt spray then brush-on satin varnish on the armour and other bits which should be slightly shiny.

I think she's come out really well. She certainly looks as though she's seen some hard campaigning, all the while maintaining her lovely pale complexion *lol*

These pics were taken before I gave her a coat of neat Klear, then a black wash over the non-flesh/hair areas and brown wash over the flesh and hair.

Sean's comment on my last post got me thinking. A few months back I was planning a SciFi merc unit "Barbera's Bunnies" and this figure would be great for Colonel Barbera. I must have been subconsciously thinking of that when I was doing the colour scheme for her as it's pretty close to the uniform colours for the Bunnies. It's just missing a bit of pink *grin*

Andy's Prize Painting - ECW Cuirassiers

I've also done a bit of work on these this evening - saddle cloths, horse shading washes and markings. I should be able to finish these quite quickly now that Helga is finished.


  1. looking good, though I would not tangle with her!!


  2. Looks great. I'm tempted to get one for myself now, along with the rest of the squad from Artizan. Would make a nice little skirmish crew for Flying Lead or similar.

  3. She's tough and pretty all at the same time. Give her some troops to lead!!

  4. The resemblance is uncanny, apart from the MP40 and the body armour...or is it just that you don't wear those to Club nights?

  5. @ Fran - I've heard of some fetishes in my time, but fancying a 28mm figure? Really? Really? ;)

    @ Ian - thanks! She is quite the tough cookie isn't she?

    @ Dux and Anne - I'm tempted to buy some of the other Nacht Jaeger figures to give her some troops to lead. Just a shame there are only 5 other figures in the set. Mind you, some of them look as though they could be re-posed a bit to add variety.

    @ Ray - 'tis indeed

    @ Brummie - thanks!

    @ Thomas - definitely uncanny, and yes, it is just a case that I don't wear those to club nights. Well, not to wargaming club nights ;)

  6. Well done Tamsin. Great looking figure.