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Saturday, 1 September 2012

August Round Up

Well, a new month, so it's time to look back on the stats and my goals.

End of August Stats:

Page Views: 35634 (4976 in August - a drop from previous levels, but it was August so I guess people were off on holidays)
Followers: 253 (18 new in August)
Posts: 243 (33 in August, just over 1 a day)

Not bad going overall, considering the time of year.

August Goals

Painting - I didn't do any work on the Scythians or SciFi figures, nor did I get round to painting up my 30YW camp bits, ambush markers and casualties. However, I did get the planned commanders, dragoons, reiters and artillery done, as well as the remaining 2 regiments of foot. I'll give myself a score of 1/3 for this goal.

Gaming - my Swiss defeated the Seljuks, I did get in a game of FoG:R (my first) and a couple of games of Saga. However, I didn't manage to get in a game of Tomorrow's War. 3/4 for this goal

Blogging - I still didn't get round to doing any book reviews, so this goal gets a big fat 0/1. Maybe it just isn't meant to happen?

Overall? 4/8 goals achieved. That's not too bad really when you consider how stretching my painting goals were.

Plans for September

Painting -

30YW - 2 bases of dragoons; extra figures to upgrade foot regiments to 9 bases each; 2 musket-only regiments; 2 more artillery bases; camp bits and ambush markers. Prep the "Croat" light horse and the extra cuirassiers; maybe prep the rest of the stuff I've got (casualties, artillery limbers, 2 regiments of "late war" horse).

Scythians - paint up the 24 light horse - I might need them for the Derby tournament in October

SciFi - it would be nice to finish at least one of the batches I started several months back. I might use this week to make up a couple of the model kits I've got for SF gaming, particularly the A7V tank which will be the basis for my Chewk's "sandcrawler" (for which I also need to get some bits and bobs like AC units, comms dishes to accessorise it)

If the winners of the "painted by Tamsin" prize draws (I still haven't had the figures from Andy for the last one) get their figures to me, the Scythians and SciFi stuff will get bumped down the priority list.


FoG:AM - I probably need to get a game or two in with my Sarmatians/Alans before Derby, but probably won't have any games with the Swiss until October.

FoG:R - get a couple of games in ahead of our club's ECW tournament. At 650pts, the games should be pretty quick. I've managed to get the New Model Army list (how appropriate for a punk/goth) so I just need to look at the list and plan my army.

Saga - probably a game or two


I will try to keep up my average of roughly 1 post a day, although with being away for a few days that might not be possible (unless I use some of my time off this week to actually do those book reviews and queue them to auto-post while I'm away).

Well, that's enough text - here's a teaser pic of the flags assembled and drying:


  1. I think your goals were tough, so no surprise you did not make them all.

    So your at Derby then, well must hook up between your games for a chat, will Seb be with you?


  2. Not sure how you manage 1 post a day, my blogging is slowing down not speeding up!!

  3. You're putting us to shame. Relax. Put your feet up. Have a beer or two!

    I have trouble getting a post a week done and even then, I'm thinking I should be painting. I have no idea how you manage it. You must count August as another great month!

  4. I am impressed with both your aims and your achievements. Flags are looking good too.

  5. Yep, Agree with Monty. More beer drinking required in the September schedule.

  6. You got lots more done than me and more importantly you got lots of paint of lead and plastic, which is what really counts!!!

  7. You're a machine Tamsin unlike Ray and now I need a beer, keep it up as you're one of the best blogs out here.....

  8. @ Ian - yup, they were tough goals, but (as evidenced to my posts after losing games) failing to achieve them isn't something that bothers me (much).
    You're going to be at Derby too? We should definitely meet up for a chat at some point then.

    @ Ray - I'm sure your post rate will pick up again once you start work for the next Analogue Painting Challenge :)

    @ Fran - the children don't like it when daddy and daddy are mean to each other! ;)

    @ Monty - I don't tend to drink beer at home - will a nice single malt do instead? :)

    @ Rodger - if you like the flags from the teaser pic, just wait till you see my next post :)

    @ Beccas - well, next weekend I'll be heading down for TUC Congress in Brighton for a few days, so beer drinking will be on the cards (possibly more than I normally drink in a month).

    @ Paul - you must have one of these things I've heard rumours of - a "life" ;)
    For me getting stuff finished so I can use it for gaming is very important - I've got mumblety-mumble wasted years of not gaming to make up for!

    @ Fran - see my comment above :)