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Saturday, 8 September 2012

WIP: 30YW Musket Regiments #1

As I said in my post on Thursday night, I've started on the musket regiments to cut down on the number of paints I need to take away with me. I got a bit more done yesterday:

Musketeers - faces and hands (Flesh Base), musket stocks (Mahogany Brown)

Command figures - all of them have had their faces (and hands for the drummers), jackets, breeches and stockings painted in a mix of colours as well as scabbards, belts, sashes and the shafts of the officers' spontoons. There's one figure that still needs his hat done.
I had hoped to finish these yesterday, but time didn't quite allow that. I'll have to finish them while I'm away (grrr! More paints to take!).

So, onto the pictures:

My posting over the next few days will be erratic or non-existent. I will take WIP pics as and when I can.