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Thursday, 20 September 2012

WIP: Andy's Painting Prize ECW Dragoons #3

Almost there with these - just the Klear/ink coat and matt spray varnish to do (Andy will be basing them himself). I won't be able to do the Klear/ink for a little while as I've only just done the metals and they'll need a bit of time to cure.

So, before they get all glossy, I've taken a couple of pics.

While I'm waiting for the metals to cure, I'm going to do some figure prep - the cuirassiers for Andy, Dux's paras and "Helga".


  1. As I already said...Helga with tiger camouflage! ;-)


  2. The dragoons look great Tamsin.

  3. Hi, Tamsin

    I'm delighted with the dragoons you painted. I just hope I can do them justice with the rest of the unit I will be painting.

    Thanks, and well done.

    1. Glad you like them Andy. That reminds me - I need to do up the list of paints I used for you.