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Saturday, 1 September 2012

What a lovely maildrop!

First of all, don't forget my 250 Followers Prize Draw

Unexpected Time Off Work

Yesterday afternoon I was chatting with my manager at work and we got round to the topic of "you've still got a bunch of leave to take by the end of September. You can't take it in the last two weeks and you've got the week before that booked off already. Now, if you take tomorrow and next week off, that will still leave you with 8 days leave to carry over into the next leave year." Hmm, OK. So, I'm off work now until the 17th. Lots of time for prepping and painting figures!!!

Lots of goodness!

I had a very full maildrop this morning:
Issue 354 of Miniature Wargames
Several packets of bases from Tiny Tin Troops
My order of more 30YW figures from Donnington

On checking the Donnington order, I discovered that 1 artillery crew figure was missing. I'm guessing that might be a result of me ordering 1 each of the other gunner figures and they simply cast just 1 of the figure I'd ordered 2 of. It's not a problem as I'm not going to get round to doing the guns for a few weeks. I've contacted them and they'll stick it in with all the Swiss I'm going to be ordering shortly.

I spent a little while bagging up the figures by unit type. I'll start prepping the figures this weekend, the figures I'll be taking to the TUC will be first up - I'm going to put them on 40x15mm magnetic bases to keep them secure during transport. the rest will be stuck on my normal painting sticks.

After work yesterday I did pick up a few things I needed or which might be useful. From a pound shop I bought some disposable shot glasses - these could be useful as water pots for when I'm at the TUC or for mixing small amounts of basing gunk. I then headed to B&Q to get a tester pot or two of Cocoa Bean paint. They didn't have any! Given how much I use (and could use if I also used it for base-coating future terrain pieces) I decided to pick up a 2.5l tub instead. When I got home I decanted some into the empty tester pot as my working stock.

Anyway, that's enough about yesterday, this afternoon and evening I have finally got round to creating some flags for my 30YW Danish army. I've collated them in Word docs and printed them out, so now I've just got to cut them out and glue them. As they are going to be removable flags I'll be making them up around a length of 1mm piano wire (which I'll coat with some grease to prevent the flags sticking to it).

Here are a couple of the flags so you can see what they're like:

If there are any Danish speakers reading, please forgive me for any linguistic inaccuracies - I blame Google Translate! And yes, the mottoes are all pastry-based.

I've done up 14 regimental flags, a bunch of artillery flags (heavy, medium and light; in original hands, captured by enemy, recaptured by own troops), flags to indicated commanders are in the front rank for melees, a small group of flags for command stands (including the Danish Royal Standard and Pennant) plus a bunch of Danish national flags.


  1. Nice flags Tamisin. Enjoy your time off and happy painting!

  2. Sounds as if you are blessed with a decent manager.

    Enjoy your painting time

  3. Time off work is always a welcome and a break from the norm. Those flags are great and full of humour. Top Draw

  4. Unexpected holiday,nice. Good work with the flags and ae we going to see a increase in production?


  5. Have a great break; looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours.

  6. Excellent flags! Pastry based I'm intrigued???

  7. Really like the pastry idea for the flags.They look great too. Enjoy your time off Tamsin.

  8. Those flags are great, far better than Ray's and have a good break woman!

  9. Bread based regiments! :-D Really good looking flags...how the hell do you and ray do it?..mine keep cacking up.

  10. @ all - thanks! I'm quite pleased with how they printed. The proof will be in the pudding when I have glued them together....

    @ David - yup, my boss is good like that.

    @ PK - humour is always good. Does that mean you were able to read and understand the mottoes?

    @ Ian - production may be down a bit in terms of painting as I've got a lot of prepping to do (not to forget getting my travel painting kit sorted out).

    @ Ray - all the mottoes include a reference to pastry (they are for the Danish after all; the alternative set my be bacon based lol)

    @ Rodger - having seen flags for Scots armies using whisky labels for flags, my first though for the Danish was to use beer labels, but I could only find a couple and they were more like plain text. "Pastry For The Win!" (which is actually the motto on one flag)

    @ Fran - to be fair, Ray's flags are often more complex than the basic designs I've done. That being said, with practice, I'm sure I'll surpass his efforts ;)

    @ Paul - I don't know how Ray does it. In my case it involved a lot of perseverance, perspiration, frustration, coffee, preparation and swearing at the computer. I think we both use Windows Paint to generate the image files.

  11. LOL, Danish speaking here. And yeah, I am alittle cracked up :) Grammar almost perfect. :)