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Friday, 7 September 2012

On Parade: 30YW Army So Far

As promised yesterday, here are the pics of all my 30YW troops together.

All together

Four regiments of Cuirassiers, screened by the Red Dragoons

Artillery battery and the Green Regiments of Foot

The Green and the Red Regiments of Foot

The Red and the Blue Regiments of Foot

The Blue Regiments of Foot and the other artillery battery

Three regiments of Harquebusiers/Reiters screened by the Blue Dragoons

I didn't take many pics this time because Gordon and I wanted to crack on with our game.

Edit to Add:

OMG! This was my 250th post! Yikes! Errmm, given how soon this is after my last prize draw, I think you'll forgive me for not doing one to mark this milestone! *smiles and flutters eyelashes*


  1. Nice one, they do look excellent all together!!! Love them flags!!

  2. The flags really are beautiful Tamsin!

  3. I concur, nice looking army.

  4. Nice army and so quickly mustered as well!!!


  5. Now that is seriously impressive, good to see where all those hours have gone!

  6. Very impressive looking force.

  7. Very impressive and colourful Tamsin. Congrats on the 250 too.

  8. A great work, this army is really impressive!