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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back from Brighton

....absolutely knackered. But I thought I'd share some pics with you:

The view from my hotel room on Sunday morning - lovely sunshine, hardly any wind

Leaning out a little to see out to my left

Such a shame the weather didn't stay like that. By Sunday afternoon the wind had picked up and the weather kept switching between sunshine and piddling down.

I did get a bit more painting done - the jackets (Dark Prussian Blue for one regiment, Hull Red for the other). Although the lighting in the hall would have been OK for painting, the space was rather cramped, so painting during conference sessions turned out not to be an option. I did the jackets on the Monday and Tuesday mornings between breakfast and heading out to the conference - luckily the Hilton Metropole is practically next door to the conference centre, so I could leave at 9.20am and easily be in my seat in time for the 9.30 start.

So, a quick WIP pic so you can see their current state:

While I was doing the jackets I did spot a few patches on the breeches which I'd missed. I'll have to pick those up when I do the hats.


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  2. It's good to have you back posting. Seeing how much you get done is a good kick in the pants for me to keep on painting and not give up.

    Welcome back!

  3. Briton looks beautiful!
    I'm envious somehow...

    I hope we can make it to England next year.

    In addition the miniatures are looking good so far. I'm looking forward to see them finished.


  4. Hope you had a fun time in Brighton! The figs are coming on nicely!

  5. Don't worry I have kept up the painting rate for you this past week, oh and solved that light issue for you ;-)


  6. @ Anne - good to be back. Just keep painting at your own rate - after all, you don't have whole armies to get done so you can use them :)

    @ Monty - believe me, those pics show a very rare day down in Brighton.

    @ Ray - yup, had good fun down there.

    @ Ian - so I've seen from your log posts :)

  7. So, when does the revolution start? :-D
    What´s the space ship looking thing in the sea on the top pic?

  8. Lot's of free basing material I see.

  9. @ Paul - December 16th has been jokingly mentioned (that's the date when the current General secretary of the TUC retires!).
    The "spaceship" is the pavilion end of the West Pier http://www.westpier.co.uk/

    @ Benjamin - given that it's a pebble beach, they'd have to be pretty big bases (1:1 scale?) ;)

  10. No tan, no swimming, pebble beach...:-(

    Fortunately you had your miniatures...;-)