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Sunday, 23 September 2012

WIP: Dux's Prize Painting - Paras #1

Well, after I'd posted yesterday I realised that I needed to do another test figure as there was an important item I'd not done colour test on - the beret! A quick root through the pack gave me an officer type in a beret, which I quickly cleaned, primed and washed. Once the wash had had time to dry, I set about painting him up suing my revised colour scheme. Here's the result, alongside the first test figure for comparison.

I was happy with the revised scheme (I had to adapt the webbing colour though as it was too close to the base colour of the smock), so decided to crack on with the 28mm Paras for Dux. I have made one change to the process though - rather than mixing the colours, I decided to try a slightly different approach, using a thin dark coat, followed a bit later by a thinned lighter coat. this seems to have worked quite well. For the berets I actually did a three-step process to get the richness of colour I wanted.

Note to Dux - I've been writing up a painting guide in case you want to replicate them for any reinforcements you add to the section.

I managed to get quite a bit of the way through doing these last night. I've probably less painting to do today, but as it's more detailed it will probably take me just as long.

Having forced you to read all that crap, here's your reward - the WIP pics:

Of course, this does mean that I'll probably be posting twice today so you can see what progress I've made. These are very nice figures to paint, and despite the extra steps they are painting up very quickly.


  1. Comming along nice, we seem to really crack on when it's not ours


  2. Nice work Tamsin! It takes me back seeing those 1/32nd scale figures. It's strange (in a good way!) to see them painted. As kids these figures were always green! I still have my 1973(?) box of the Airfix Paras in their original (if slightly battered) box with the most superb artwork of the officer shouting his men on with a radar station in the background. :-)

  3. Looking good. Will be nice to see the next steps.

  4. You've done a great job with these. The beret looks great and I'm impressed with how you've done the face. Really enjoying these close-up pictures too!

  5. Thanks folks! They're almost done now - just the metalwork left really. It's been good fun painting these up for Dux :)

  6. They're looking good Tamsin, turning out quite nicely!

  7. I think you've got the colour spot on with these Tamsin; great work.

  8. Cheers Fran and Ray!

    @ Michael - cheers. I'm glad I did the test figures as some of my original colours were wrong.