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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WIP: Painting Helga #1

Well, at a loose end after making a start on Andy's cuirassiers (armour and pistol barrels dry-brushed with Gunmetal Grey; base-coats on horses) I decided to make a start on painting Helga. I've put down a couple of first layers - face and hands, hair, jump smock, trousers, puttees, boots and armour. I think the colour combination works OK - what do you think? Do bear in mind that these are the base colours - they will get lighter with the next layer and the highlights.

I still need to work out what colours to do the equipment and the cuffs and collar of the smock.


  1. She will be colourful when she is finished. I would recomend more black on the SMG though. Looking forward to the finished piece.


  2. That's a great start Tamsin. Looking forward to more.

  3. Hints...cuffs and collar of the same smock colour...equipment black, highlighted with medium grey...black is an elegant and ladylike colour ;-)


  4. Looking great so far, though I agree with the comment of keeping the weapon more black than metallic. It is a great figure.

  5. Looking good. She will be a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop.

  6. thanks everyone.

    @ Ian and Adam - the SMG is in its primed and pre-shaded state in these pics. I'll probably go with a dark grey/metallic mix for the base coat, with non-metal shading washes over that, then highlights.

    @ Marzio - I'm going for dark grey, highlighted for the collars and equipment, possibly with different colour shading washes to differentiate them.

    @ Sean - curse you! I'll have to get her a small force to lead now!

    @ Fran - just like her painter *lol*

  7. Coming along rather splendidly Tamsin.

  8. I like the colors you've chosen. The blue is good because it looks good on a ginger. You're going to have to tell us how you do the freckles because I've got to paint them on the figure I'm painting of you!

    Do you get yourself an army to lead!!

    1. Thanks Anne - being a redhead I know what colours work for me, so went with them. I ended up not doing freckles - far too much hassle on a 28mm figure.