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Friday, 7 September 2012

And the winner of the prize draw is....

....Dux Humunculorum!

Congrats Dux - pleas email me via the KontactR link underneath the Postie's Rejects logo so we can discuss what I'll be painting for you.

WIP Updates

The muskets and pikes for my foot regiment upgrades were primed this morning, along with the ECW dragoons I'm painting up as part of Andy' prize from my July draw.

I also did a little bit of work on my musket only units - black undercoats on musket barrels and officers spontoons and swords, followed by Oily Steel dry-brush. I also did black basecoats for the jacket of one officer, breeches and shoes of one drummer, boots of one standard bearer and hats of the other 3 command figures. I then lightly-dry-brushed the black with Black Grey, then highlighted with a 50:50 mix of Black Grey and Neutral Grey.

I'll probably do a little bit more work on the musketeers tomorrow and see if I can finish all of the command figures.

I'm doing this to reduce the number of paints I need to take with me to the TUC. The musketeers of one regiment will be getting Hull Red jackets, those of the other will have Dark Prussian Blue jackets.

A Couple of Teaser Pics

I took all of the 30YW figures I've painted up so far along to the club tonight. This was for 2 reasons:
1) I had an 800pt game lined up against Gordon
2) It was a good opportunity to take some pics of them all together

I'll do a full post tomorrow with all the army pics, and will write a separate brief AAR (I forgot to take pics for most of the game)

In case you're wondering, the "hills" in the background are Gordon's cloth scrunched up - looks pretty effective doesn't it?

A few turns into the game, before things started to go very, very, very badly wrong on my left flank.

We hadn't actually finished the game when we realised that it was coming up to 11pm. At that point I'd had 5 of my 13BGs broken, Gordon had lost 2 from 15 or 16. However, I was about to break another units and capture his 2 batteries of guns on his left flank. In the centre I was about to break one of his musket/heavy weapon foot units and then would have pursued into the rear of a couple of his other foot units. He might have taken a few more points off me but the question we'd both probably have broken each others' armies at the same time, so we called the match a draw.

Oh, and the magic of tuftiness did seem to work it's wonders on my cuirassiers and they didn't break as quickly as they might have done.


  1. There was a lot of competition for this so congrats to Dux for winning. Keep painting Tamisin!

  2. Well done Dux. Looking forward to the results.

  3. Congrats Dux!!! At least Fran didn't win again!!!!

  4. Congrats to Dux , roll on 500 followers!!!


  5. There's nothing like a finished force all lined up is there? Congrats on the achievement.

  6. Congrats there Dux and Tamsin thats not the whole army

  7. Congratulations Dux, a great result.

  8. @ Ian - 500 followers is a long way off thankfully ;)

    @ Schrumpfkopf - it is a sight to see, and makes all the effort worthwhile :)

    @ Panzerkaput - that is everything that's been painted so far, but I've still got more units to paint, plus the camp bits, ambush markers and casualty/cohesion markers.