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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hello from Sunny Brighton!

Hi Folks and Folkettes!

Well, I got down to Brighton late yesterday afternoon hot, tired and sweaty from my journey. I then discovered a couple of technical hitches that mean you won't get to see any pretty pics until I get back home on Wednesday.

1. My netbook which I haven't used for a year or so refused to switch on (I'd forgotten to check it before leaving). That means I can't do any long posts or edit pics as I'll only have short bursts on computers in the internet cafes at the conference centre and in the hotel.

2. I forgot the USB cable to connect my camera to a PC to upload pics.

I did do some painting last night in my room. Unfortunately the room's lights are pretty crap so it was difficult to see details - this meant I could only do pretty basic stuff, the stockings and breeches for the musketeers.

After my union's delegation meeting this morning, I headed back up to my room and did a bit more painting (I've got a sea-view room and the daylight was really good for painting). I got the hair, shoes and boots done on the musketeers. I also did a little bit on the command figures - hair, hats, shoes, boots and gloves that hadn't already been painted.

I'll be heading into the first conference session in a while (4-7pm - what an awful timeslot). I've brought the figures, some paints and he kit with me so I'll see what the lighting is like for painting in the conference hall. If the lighting is crap I may have to abandon my plan of painting during conference sessions and instead get a little bit done between breakfast and heading off for the morning sessions.

Toodle pip!


  1. You can always go for a paddle ;-)

    hotels and bad lighting tend to go together


  2. Brightons great. The pebbly beach aint that good but the pubs and clubs are fun

  3. If it' s sunny then...tan...;-)...Autumn is coming...:-(


  4. I admire the determination to paint and your alzheimers!

  5. I think any painting you can get done on the road is great. I seem to be unable to put paint to figure at the moment.

  6. aaaah - I guess that means the one ECW artillery crewman I picked up from Donnington for you today at Colours will have to wait another week before I hand it to you at the club then....?

  7. Say hello to Brighton for me, Im quite homesick!

  8. Yes you forgot a few things, but you remembered the most important things-your figures and your paints!

    Relax and enjoy yourself too Tamisin!

  9. @ Ian - I could have done if I'd had the time, but the only time I could have paddled was after dark!

    @ Paul - yup, great pubs in B'ton, don't know the clubs. Mind you, I ended up not going to any of them this time.

    @ Marzio - tan? You do realise that I'm a natural redhead don't you? I don't tan, but occasionally my freckles join up or the sunburn fades to a brown-ish colour *lol*

    @ Fran - I did manage a little bit of painting every day apart from today. As for the Alzheimers, more a case of me being naturally scatty. I also forgot my deodorant (lucky I don't sweat much).

    @ Sean - first time I've tried it, and I think I was over ambitious about how much I'd be able to get done

    @ Madaxeman - thanks for picking up that figure. I've just seen Damian's email saying you'd got it. I'll probably pop into CLWC tomorrow night, for a curry if no game

    @ Spacejacker - consider it said :)

    @ Anne - I did enjoy myself down there and did relax in the evenings. :)