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Saturday, 22 September 2012

WIP: Dux's Prize Painting - Test Figure

OK, having stripped the primer and wash off the 2 figures, cleaned up the mold lines I'd missed, re-primed and re-washed them I had a sudden thought.

"Hmmm. I'm going to be trying a) a new technique; b) painting a camo pattern I haven't done before. I really ought to do a test figure to check if the technique works (and find out how much I need to thin the paint down) not to mention checking if the colours I was planning to use are right."

I didn't want to use one of Dux's figures for this, but a quick hunt confirmed my suspicions - I did have a pack of Airfix 1:32 scale WW2 British Paras. So, I grabbed one of the figures from the pack, gave it a good scrub with warm soapy water, rinsed and dried it and set to work priming and washing it. I discovered that the plastic did not like having primer applied, but persevered and got it coated in the end. Once the primer had dried I did the pre-shading wash, then left it overnight.

This afternoon I started work on the test painting. Here's the result (one of Dux's figures alongside to show size):

The metalwork on the Bren doesn't look quite so shiny and the pre-shading does show through somewhat - there are subtle differences in the shading of the colours.

I discovered the following:

I didn't need to thin the paints quite as much as I thought (I think the drops from my wash-mix bottle are larger than the ones from the Vallejo paint bottles)
The base colour I'd used for the flesh (Saddle Brown) was a bit too dark, although probably about right for the lips. It might be OK for a final shading wash.
The base colour I'd used (mix of Pastel Green and Brown Violet) for the Denison smock was too light - I'll use a mix of Green Grey and Brown Violet instead.
The red-brown I'd used (Red Leather) for the Denison brush strokes was too light - I'll use Mahogany Brown instead. The Red Leather will, however, make a good base colour for the flesh.
I'm happy with the rest of the colours.

I'll make a start on Dux's figures this evening.


  1. Now you need to paint up the rest of the box!

    On a smaller figure the camo is tighter and get an even better effect so you should be happy with the slight changes you plan. If you take a look on the Artizan website they have recomended colours as well which may help


  2. nicely done, the camo is very good. I really struggle to get the balance with camo where it disguises the figure to much.

  3. Very nice work here Tamsin. The wee guys are going to come out great.

  4. I think the figure looks pretty good. I'm not seeing the ink though. I think the camo is just right.

  5. I second about taking a look at the Artizan guides, they are very good.

  6. It's a good idea to do the test figure as you learned a great deal from it. I think he looks smashing and it's a real pleasure to see your brushwork close-up!

  7. @ Ian - well, I've done 1 more, 10 left to do at some point! ;)
    & @ PK - taken a look at the Artizan guide and I was using pretty much the colours they suggest, although I've gone a bit darker as I'm using thinned paint for the base colours.

    @ Brummie - I have done camo before, but on SciFi figs, so I've got a good idea about how to do it without overpowering the rest of the figure.

    @ Rodger - thanks! :)

    @ Sean - as I said in the post, the pre-shading effect hasn't come out well in the pics, but it does come out subtly on the figures.

    @ Dux - glad you're pleased. I've just made a start on painting your little guys, adapting things based on experience from the test figures.

    @ Anne - yup, the test figure was definitely worth doing. I've actually done a second using the different colours and also because I realised I hadn't tested the colours for the berets.
    Thanks for praise about my brushwork - I'm not used to doing figures that size so was worried about how I'd do :)

  8. Its not the easiest figure to paint up, but your making a good job of it Tamsin.