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Thursday, 4 May 2023

Finished: Fatties At War

 And that's another two figures for Block Wars painted. OK, so that's 5 out of 17 from the first wave, which means I'm a long way behind schedule. At least now that I'm out of my rut, the rest should follow on quickly.

Fats Hambo

Every fat camp has a Fats Hambo, to one degree or another. 

A militant campaigner for fat rights, they are true believers in the Grud-given gift of as much food for every fattie as they can stomach.

Using (and bending) the laws for arming Citi-Def units, they have managed to get their hands on powerful weaponry and just enough training to be dangerous when enraged.

Fattie Battering Ram

When a block war comes, Fatties can really pull their not inconsiderable weight.

Improvised armour will be strapped to their considerable bulk and then they will be pushed at fuill speed towards the enemy to be used as a living battering ram.


  1. Splendid work Tamsin. Cracking paintjobs for a pair of cracking Fatties.

  2. These turned out awesome Tamsin

  3. Most impressed, fantastic painting.


  4. Excellent brushwork Tamsin. Love the Hambo figure lol!

  5. I was looking for some inspiration for my attempt at the "Fatties at War". I should have realised "Wargaming Girl" would have taken up the challenge. Nice subtle brush work as usual. Good job.

    1. Thanks! Glad to have been of inspiration to you! :)