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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Finished: 15mm Seven Years War Russian Infantry

And so the final nine line infantry regiments roll off the paint table and into the box files. It's been a long haul, but I have now painted every Russian regiment which fought in the Seven Years War (apart from Suvalov's Observation Corps). The only additions I might make in future are more Cossacks, some converged grenadiers, more artillery and the Observation Corps.

Here are some pics of the individual regiments.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Palzig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Zorndorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf and Zorndorf.


This regiment fought at Zorndorf and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Plazig and Kunersdorf.


This regiment fought at Gross-Jagersdorf, Palzig and Kunersdorf.

All figures are 15mm from Essex Miniatures.

The army, as it stands, now fills at least four box files (I actually have the figures in five boxes, so there is space for the units which I might add in future.


  1. Excellent additions and a fantastic collection

  2. Great looking units! Admire such a big work on them.

  3. Thanks Tamsin! That is a brilliant looking Russian army. Please do the Observation Corps, as it will motivate me to do mine!

  4. Very impressive - what a great project Tamsin!

  5. Congratulations! That's dedication.

    On to Prussians now? ;)

  6. Nice work. You must be sick of the sight of green and red by now!

  7. Glorious stuff! I completed a number of these regiments in 28 mm and the greens and reds were truly a delight. The regimental look you achieved is perfect and should provide hours of pleasant gaming.

  8. @ Peter D - thanks! :)

    @ Neil S - cheers! :)

    @ Dmitry - thanks! These join the thirty regiments that I've painted previously! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! It will be a while before I do the Observation Corps - I'm hoping that Essex will eventually do them in summer dress! :)

    @ Derek - thanks! :)

    @ Greg - cheers! :)

    @ Paul O'G -thanks! It's been my biggest and longest-running project to date :)

    @ Aquahog - cheers! The Prussians can wait a while - there are already plenty of them at the club! :)

    @ Carole - thanks! The red & green monotony does get a bit much after a while :)

    @ Jerry - cheers! They have been engaged in some glorious battles, but it's a very heavy load to lug around on public transport :)

    @ Dave Stone - thanks! :)

  9. Very impressive first pictures and well shoot other photos!ūüėé
    Great job Tamsin!

  10. This is an impressive accomplishment. Well done!

  11. @ L'Empereur - merci! :)

    @ Jonathan - thanks! :)

    @ Urban Bunny - cheers! :)

    @ Nick - thanks! :)