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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

On The Workbench

As the weather was so changeable yesterday, I wasn't able to prime the dice frames and casualty figures so I took them into work with me today and primed them at lunchtime.

Yesterday I did glue the grenadiers, dragoons, Koreans and Eureka SYW command groups onto painting sticks. This evening I had a supergluing sessions - dragoons onto horses, legs onto map tables and rammers into the hands of Korean artillery crew.

Tomorrow will be a priming session with the airbrush to get them ready for painting. I think I'll end up painting the Korean artillery first as they should be a quick job.

This evening I also did some sorting of figures purchased at Salute into bags for prep during my lunch breaks at work.


  1. I always save the easy job (artillery) until last .... as a sort of treat after getting the more tedious stuff out of the way .... but the fact I use he term tedious shows that I am no painter!

  2. My goodness, looks like t=you have another big project on the go.

  3. another impressive volume of work. Do I take it from your comment that the humidity has an effect even when using an airbrush?

  4. @ Norm - well, all of these are extras for ongoing projects so it doesn't really matter which order I do them in :)

    @ Michael - no big projects, just small additions to a number of existing ones...that are already big! :)

    @ Paul - these ones were primed with a spray can. Very high humidity could have an effect on airbrushing, but that's more to do with moisture content in the air which comes out of the compressor. It would have to be very high though - I wouldn't recommend trying to do airbrushing in a sauna! :)

  5. When I blur my eyes those top ones look like choco-sticks.

  6. Been awhile since you posted. Popping in to say howdy.

  7. Has our favorite Wargaming Girl been the victim of alien abduction? She has disappeared from the blog-0-sphere and perhaps those flashing lights appearing over most of Britain my have had ominous import. May all be well and that this absence is just a well-deserved break.