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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sickness Benefits

I've been struck down by a virus. Yesterday was hellish - all over aches, weakness and extreme tiredness during the day and general grottiness, but I did pick up a bit in the evening and managed to do a bit of prep work. This morning I was feeling a bit better, but still too weak, achey and drained for work so a second day at home. With nothing else to do, I got a few bits done - the benefits of being sick!

For a start, I managed to prime all of this lot with the airbrush:

These may or may not get painted up for two of the Bonus Theme rounds in this year's Challenge. I expect that the grave tanks and APCs will get done; I'm less certain of the Three Musketeers mob being fitted in. Well, maybe some of that lot might get done...

And then I finished off the scatter terrain pieces:

Gunmental dry-brush, sponging with hull red and light rust then dabbing with natural steel. Topped off with a patchy application of static grass. I think they've come out quite well.


  1. Hope you feel better sooooonnnnnnn.

  2. Too sick for work but not too sick for painting is a perfect combination!

  3. Hope you're feeling good soon - I'm looking forward to lots of painting.

  4. Glad you were able to turn a bones into a positive - get well soon!

    The scatter pieces look great and those grav vehicles will look great with those stensils airbrushed on

  5. Hope you'll feel better soon...and beautiful terrain pieces!

  6. Love those scatter pieces! Get well soon.

  7. Cool stuff. Nice tanks. The extra colour in the terrain makes them even better. cheers

  8. I hope you're feeling better now. Great job on your current projects!

  9. Get well soon, there is a ton of stuff going around at the moment and it seems to linger once caught. I am usually the last to catch anything, but catch it I will ------ probably on Christmas Eve!

  10. Get well soon! Did you get a flu shot? They do help...mine is scheduled for next Wednesday. Lovely paint job. You should avoid contact with other people when you're sick so it was a good choice to stay home and catch up on hobby stuff. Your friends will appreciate not getting sick.

  11. The scatter terrain turned out really well. Get well!

  12. @ Whisk - thanks hon! :)

    @ Jonathan - indeed it is :)

    @ Francis - I see that you have picked up the youth vernacular ;)

    @ Miles - no doctors involved on this occasion :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)

    @ Paul O'G - thanks! I'm looking forward to playing with the stencils on them :)

    @ Phil - merci! :)

    @ Dave D - Not that productive, but better than nowt :)

    @ David C - thanks! :)

    @ Brendon - cheers! Glad you like the extra bits of colour - I thought they'd make a nice touch for rubbish heaps, representing coloured garbage :)

    @ Ted - cheers! :)

    @ Norm - thanks! Christmas Eve bugs? Been there, done that with the 'flu a few years ago. Dosed myself up and went to the shops to stock up on food & booze (and cold/flu meds) then celebrated on my own :)

    @ Bill - cheers! :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! No 'flu shot and luckily this isn't 'flu. Glad you like the terrain pieces :)

    @ Rod - cheers! They did indeed :)

  13. Not much fun at all being ill, but you do seem to have gained some benefit from it all!