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Monday, 2 November 2015

Rules Review

I was contacted during the week by Jospeh McCollough from Osprey asking if I'd be willing to review some of their recent and upcoming rules releases. They thought my blog was a good site to do this because I have a lot of followers and a high hit count of the quality of my posts and my engaging writing style.

After a brief exchange of emails, he agreed to send me copies of Honours of War (the Seven Years War rules by Keith Flint) and Black Ops (special ops/espionage rules by Guy Bowers) to review. They arrived in the post on Saturday morning.

First Impressions

I've only had time to have a quick skim through both books so I can't say much at this point. As expected from Osprey, both books are well produced with nice colour pictures of figures on the tabletop and illustrations from appropriate Osprey books.

Honours of War

These certainly look interesting and I'll have to try a couple of games at the club. They look to be designed for fighting battles from brigade through to large battles.

Black Ops

I was originally thinking of using these for not-too-far-future special ops games, but on skim-reading them I had an epiphany - I could quite easily use them for gangster games without too much effort. I'll just need to assemble and paint up some furniture and cover terrain.


  1. What whatever the reason its lovely to be asked, free stuff is always good and it will take your mind off the industrials works going on in your flat!

  2. Congrats for achieving such a notoriety within the hobby community
    Lookig forward to reading more on these two sets

  3. I shall look forward to the full reviews. I think they might have picked the right person for the job.

  4. Interested in hearing about Black Ops!

  5. Very interested to hear your thoughts on Honors of War.

  6. Hey Tamsin, it goes to show you that folks take notice! Though I have a feeling the black ops, was a ploy to get you painting more 28's. Cheers!

  7. Interesting... I was wondering about Black Ops as well...

  8. Good choice of a reviewer.
    I follow the blog of the author of Honors of War, Keith something or other, and it looks interesting. I look forward to reading your comments.

  9. I like Black Ops. In fact, it prompted me to pick up a bunch of Peter Pih AK-47 figure packs to use as generic opfors. I also picked up a 1/100 helicopter (a 50 Years of James Bond EH101 from Skyfall) for just £2 on ebay!

  10. Hi Tamsin,

    Sorry to hear about you ceiling. I live in house that has taken on Forth Bridge proportions (it's not that big but it is old) so I feel your pain. Never a year goes by without something cocking domestic bliss up.

    I just got my advance copies of HoW too. The rules look quite interesting. The are well presented and, you'll have to agree some of the figure pics, especially the ones with Prussians and Russians, are stunning - giggle.

    Tell me, did you ask for Black Ops or were they just included, I asked for the Napoleonic naval set and got them. Ho Hum.

    C'est la vie.

    Best Wishes

    James Roach (olicana)

    BTW, if your ever up this way (West Yorks) and want to pop in for tea or such, you will be more than welcome. Drop me a line, I think you have me bookmarked for email, etc.

  11. Hi Tamsin,

    I bought Black Ops this weekend at Warfare, you up for a game one day?


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