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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mistakes Were Made

...when I was shopping yesterday. Poundland had a big bin of diecast cars, so I just had to have a rummage. My Home for Orphaned Cars is going to need a new wing built very soon.

Yup, 15 cars were added to my collection. Including another four Fast 4WD cars - I might do these with a different weapon load-out when I mod them.

However, I think this was the real find of the lot:

I must admit that I'm a little bit torn with this one - do I repaint it as scenery for the Arena pits or do I mod it for the Wastelands?


  1. pizza van needs serving hatch mounted 50 cals, that would look cool

  2. It's a wonderful thing - you opening your home to wayward toy cars languishing in the dingy aisles of Poundland. Well done!

  3. Whatever you do, you have to have some big-ass gun pointing out of that service window. Personally, I'd go for the arena. Repainting it as an ice cream truck would be funnier, methinks.

  4. I assume you've seen this blog, but in case you haven't: http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.com/2013/11/machinas-day-at-races.html

  5. Love it and good that you are doing your bit to keep Poundland ticking over! The delivery van is going to look fun wherever you put it, but I would be strapping rusty corrugated iron to it and heading out to deliver in the wastelands.

  6. I too would send the pizza van to the wastes. Nice to see some more progress on Car wars but I suspect you now have enough vehicles!

  7. A nice haul. I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you do with them. The pizza van will be an eye-catcher without any doubt.

  8. I. for one, would love to see the van roaming the Wastelands.. :) Cheers!

  9. Ace find. I get all my superglue from Poundland.

  10. Cracking find and as the others say, just give it a big gun and let it ride :-)

  11. I love the food truck... but have no idea what to do with it...

  12. @ Martin C - definitely some sort of heavy weaponry needs to be added :)

    @ Miles - I'm such an altruist ;)

    @ Joseph - or maybe a big-ass flamethrower and make it a burger van ;)

    @ Mattias - that was a cool link - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - well, pound-shops are such a useful source of cheapo materials for gaming that we must all do our bit to keep them open ;)

    @ Clint - enough vehicles? Burn the heretic! ;)

    @ Stefan - cheers. I'm leaning towards it being a burger or kebab van when it's repainted :)

    @ RMacedo - but would anyone trust food served from it in the wasteland? ;)

    @ John - pound-shop superglue is fine for some things, but I've found it to be a little weaker than brand-name stuff for some jobs. I'm not sure why that would be.

    @ Blax - definitely a big-ass weapon of some variety :)

    @ Adam - it was a great find. What to do with it? Get drunk, hand over a couple of quid and walk away with some dodgy meat full of E. coli and its mates, in a pitta with a few bits of salad and a dollop of fiery chilli sauce ;)
    (yup, I think I've settled on it being a kebab van peeps!)

  13. I see lots of possibilities for the food truck - emblazoned with the slogan "Stop Me And Buy One" and a suitably hipster-bearded driver!

    Great work!

  14. I feel for you the food truck is a very tough call. I can see it with a steel gated welded on the front as a ram, a top hatch with pintel mounted minigun and a rocket pod. Or on the side of the arena as is.

  15. @ Evan - I don't plan to add a driver figure, but "Stavros" in the back will be painted up and have a tache :)

    @ Lee - special sauce delivery! ;)

    @ Simon - OK, OK, OK! :)

    @ Robert - it will get some armament, but I think it will go as scenery for the Arena. All those mechanics and drivers need to refuel somehow :)

  16. If you do a flamethrower than it's got to be a taco truck.

  17. Oh my gosh. I LOVE the food truck.


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