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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Challenge Day 92 - Progress Update

No, I'm not going to show you pics of what I've been working on this week besides the 30YW regiment. I'll leave it as a surprise for when they go up on the Challenge blog. Which will probably be on Monday as Curt has (quite reasonably) nipped off for a long weekend break. I can't blame him - It must take a lot of work to keep on top of all the submissions and keep track of points. Hopefully he'll return fully charge for the frenzy of the last week and a bit when loonies like me will be frantically painting and posting before the Challenge ends.

So, the 30YW regiment was finished on Tuesday morning, leaving me having to decide what to paint next. I'm not going to tell you what that decision was though, just that there were two projects.

Project 1 - 30YW regiment: completed and draft post submitted

Project 2: completed this evening, just need to take pics and draft the post

Project 3: very nearly completed; just matt spray varnishing and flocking to do. And photos & post drafting of course.

Points-wise, I haven't painted as much as I'd hoped - they should net me 226 points for the three entries which will take my tally to 2383 points. Of course, that means I should very easily bust through my revised target of 2500 points.

So, what are my plans for the final 13 days? I do have to paint up my Curtgeld antihero figure at some point - that will be a bit scary as I'm going to attempt greyscale. I actually have two copies of the figure and might do the second in a slightly different (but equally scary to do) style.

I've then got a choice of prepped figures which it should be possible to paint up in the time remaining. There is the Mongol cavalry, but I also have a hankering to finish the 6mm ACW Union army - I've got eight more infantry and two Zouave regiments ready to go.

Another possibility is for me to assemble some more WotR figures and paint them up.

Oh, and there just might be some more spaceships...


  1. I just knew you (and your robotic twin) would get to your new points target>
    Intrigued by what you're secretly working on.

  2. I vote for finishing off the ACW Union Army (which also help with your 10mm and below side challenge right?)

  3. Oh this is very frustrating! I want to see what you've done.

    Are you happy with your overall progress this year? I'm astonished at how much you've done.

  4. Keep it flowing ma lady, your in no threat from me, I have 30 odd points in the bag and should get another 120 done with a very outside chance of another 48 but even then won't close with you.


  5. I would go for the ACW stuff too. Good luck for the final couple of weeks!

  6. @ Joe - you'll find out in a day or two, when Curt posts them :)

    @ Paul - unless Curt and Alan are secretly beavering away on their teeny-tiny guys, I'm comfortably in the lead on that side-bet ;)

    @ Herbert - I'm sure there's plenty of pewter pr0n on other blogs to ease your frustration! ;)
    I'm more than happy with my progress this year. Going into the Challenge I thought 1500 points might be a stretch to achieve and now I look set to bust through 2500 points! :)

    @ Ian - I need to paint just over 100 points to reach the revised target, so with 10 days to go I could even ease off. Not that I'm likely to!

    @ Rodger - OK, so that's a second vote for ACW :)

    @ Ray - and yours makes a third. With no votes for the other options, I guess that will be what gets painted.


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