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Saturday, 16 November 2013

And So It Begins....

Well, this is more the prologue than the beginning - that's a month away.

Curt has announced the 4th Analogue Painting Challenge which kicks off on 15 December and ends on 20 March next year. Yes, three months of painting hell like a mad thing. There are 50 places available, with previous entrants getting first chance. If you fancy joining in, pop on over (link in the piccy above) and leave a comment.

The entry fee this year is a 28mm figure inspired by a Sam Peckinpah movie. There are also some fortnightly themes this time which can earn you bonus points. Added to all that, this year is open to SciFi and fantasy as well as historical.

I'm entering again this year. I don't plan to go as mad as last year as I suffered painting burnout afterwards from doing so much over such a short space of time. I achieved a final tally of 1970 points last year which put me into 7th place. I think I'll set myself a target of 1200 points this time - that should be achievable and will stretch me to paint a bit more than normal, but is unlikely to burn me out.


  1. Good luck with the challenge Tamsin!

  2. good luck and hope you pace yourself well this year

  3. All Hail to Painting Hell! :) Perhaps I should go with a Dante theme in the future...

  4. Good luck kid! If you get any bother from you know who, just remember, I know people who know people . . . nuff said!

  5. Hi Tamsin,

    Good luck in the Challenge!

    Best regards


  6. If this is hell then the both the company and the gags are far better than advertised. Good luck this year Tamsin ;-)

  7. Good Luck Tamsin, lets see if we can team up like last year and race to the finish. I am not sure I can get 1200 out this year though


  8. And good luck to all my fellow Challengers!

    @ James - I'll definitely pace myself better this year

    @ Curt - if you do that, will the comedy be divine?

    @ Gary - are you referring to a certain budgie-smuggling badger Most Universally High King of Sandbagging?

    @ Michael - the gags down here are certainly good, as is the company

    @ Ian - I think everyone expects us to spur each other on like last year. I think both of us are in a more difficult position this year with less time for painting.

  9. I'm in too now - God help our Sanity!
    Best wishes for lots of fun and eye candy all around :-D


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