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Monday, 21 October 2013

Goodies on the Workbench

"That's unlike her - starting a post with a pic!"

Since posting last night, the following has happened:

1) The Koreans have had their bases coated with ballast (last night) and been primed (this evening)
2) All the Union troops have been glued onto painting sticks. If you look closely, you'll see that the artillery pieces are upside down - that's so that I can prime the undersides.
3) I've started prepping the Confederates
4) A mystery package was waiting for me when I got home....

Top Row, LtoR: 2 smellyphants; 12 Successor lancer cavalry
Bottom Row, LtoR: 3 packs of 24 Swiss halberdiers; 4 C17th pikemen plus a pack of wire pikes

Yes, my order from Donnington has arrived. 72 halberdiers for my medieval Swiss army. some pikemen as standard bearers for my Buccaneer army as well as 2 elephants and 12 Xystophoroi lancer cavalry for the Seleucid army Simon and I will be taking to Usk (he has the rest of the figures we'll need from his Pyrrhic army).


  1. Been busy there. Always nice to see progress on a project

  2. That's a lot of painting. I'm interested to see how you like painting the baccus 6mm ACW - I've done a few thousand of them (they add up quick!) and found the less detail painted the better they look if given a wash of delvan mud or similar wash

  3. Glad to see you seem to be feeling better/more like doing stuff.

  4. Really looking forward to seeing the ACW-Armies grow. What rules do you want to play with them, polemos?

  5. There looks a lot going on there but I know you'll do it all justice.

  6. Still looks like a hell of a lot of lead to me! Nice progress though!

  7. Good score! Lots of work to do there

  8. Blimey you'll be busy :-)


  9. Blimey Tamsin, I thought yesterdays lot was huge but I am speechless

  10. Looks like your getting a head of steam again. Prepping for the next Challenge?


  11. @ Paul - better to be busy than not :)

    @ jmilesr - if you look back to my very earliest posts, I think you'll find some pics of my first efforts from about 2 years ago. I found the Baccus quite easy to paint at the time - we'll have to wait and see how these go

    @ Edwin - definitely feeling better now

    @ Thomas - probably Polemos with these

    @ Clint - it is a lot (and still some more to come)

    @ Rodger, Al and Bishop Lord - it's definitely a lot of lead!

    @ Andrew - good heavens no! Most of the stuff there was in Sunday's pics!

    @ Ian - well, there's no harm getting ready for the Challenge is there?

  12. This is more like the Tamsin of old, nothing but a sea of lead to look upon!

  13. I wish I had your ability and speed - my mega lead mountain would soon start to reduce.

  14. Hey, that's great! Let me know what you think of polemos, once you made a few battles!

  15. I don't know much about painting but that does seem like a good bit of work, done. Very cool.

  16. Dear Tamsin,
    Have you checked below you? With all the weight the floor might be sagging! Good on you though for expanding the Korean army.
    Do have a question - you do know that while the buccaneers did raise a fleet to attack Spanish held cities, there wasn't a real army? Have you thought about skirmish gaming the period?
    Anyway get a flu shot, stay warm and have fun!
    A/K/A the Celtic Curmudgeon

  17. @ Michael - nearer to oceanic proportions!

    @ Dannoc - my lead pile is still mahoossive :)

    @ Thomas - will do, but it won't be for a few months

    @ Benjamin - all work and no play makes Tamsin a dull girl. In other words, I'd better make sure I get plenty of gaming in alongside the painting.

    @ Whisk - it is a lot of work, probably a good few months of painting.

    @ Jerry - my floorboards are surviving right now.
    I do know the buccaneers didn't raise a large army, but did manage to gather quite large (for the region) forces for certain ventures - Cartagena, Porto Bello, Panama. I'll also be doing some figures for skirmish action as well.

  18. I can see that, but still looks fun.


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