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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Challenge Day 85 - ESU and NSL Bits Almost Finished

Two evenings of busyness have seen me very nearly finishing the ESU spaceships and the NSL reinforcements. Well, tonight was busy, last night less so.

Last night all that got done on the NSL was the sealing coat of ink/PVA on the basing texture. The ESU ships were sprayed with satin varnish then washed with Vallejo black wash (diluted with 10% flow aid - it was a bit thick and difficult to apply straight from the bottle).

This evening was definitely busier. The ESU have had the glow effect painted on weapons and engines. They look pretty good in my opinion.

Very faint green engine glow in the dark

All that's left for these is to give them a quick spray of matt varnish, then dab satin/gloss on the weapon glow. And add flight peg toppers.

The NSL reinforcements were what really kept me busy though. The basing texture has been drybrushed  and flock added. The flock will be drybrushed with dark flesh paint tomorrow, then they are done. I've also glued the hover drones onto their clear pegs.

Deliberately bad pic so as not to be a spoiler for the Challenge blog post

So, a little bit of work tomorrow, followed by a lot of photography and editing, plus writing the entry posts.