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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Challenge Day 75 - Blue Blob WIP

The two infantry regiments are almost done. I decided last night to paint up the skirmisher strips to the same stage as the line infantry, then finish painting them all together. Tonight I've got them almost completely done - I just need to touch up a bit of flesh and do the gold metalwork. Once I got them finished, I decided to start on another 8 strips of artillery crew figures - I've got all the guns painted, so I thought I might as well do all the union crews and submit them in one fell swoop. I'll be finishing them tomorrow and varnishing them alongside the infantry. If I have time, I'll get them glued onto their final bases, ready for adding the texture on Friday.

The works in progress

The finished stuff


  1. Always an impressive sight - Tamsin in full flow!

  2. Looking very good Tamsin, your in the flow now


  3. Flow ? More of a Niagra Falls-like torrent. That new target looks more and more feasible, just stay well Tamsin !