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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Challenge Day 69 - Shinies and Bleugh!

I'm still suffering and today has been more draining than yesterday. As it looks like this is going to take a couple of days to get through, I needed to stock up on cold meds, tissues, comfort food and some staples. Having dosed myself up enough to face going out to the shops, I first headed to the Royal Mail sorting office with the little red card of frustration to collect my parcel - it was indeed my GZG order - before hitting the supermarket.

Anyway, it's shiny reveal time.

The box of delights

The box of delights opened

Three big baggies of metallic joy

Little bags containing shiny Wombat hover APCs and a hover flatbed

Little bags containing Rommel hover tanks

Little bags containing hover MAWPs*

Little bags containing NSL power armour troops plus big and mini hover drones
*MAWP - Mobile Autonomous Weapon Platform

Apart from my venture into the outside world, what have I been up to today?

1) Sleeping - as I said, this bug has me absolutely whacked out.
2) Using up tissues at a rate of knots
3) Feeling grotty
4) A little bit of work at the paint table

Following a brief snooze after I got home from the shops, I decided to do something which wouldn't require a great deal of concentration. As I noted before, the Mongol cavalry had been primed white. However, almost all of the riders and just over half the horses have armour. The armour needs an undercoat of black as a base for the metallic paints.

Then, after a light lunch (I'm not feeling very hungry) I crashed out on the sofa for a couple of hours more. That helped a bit so I decided to try doing a little bit of work on the ACW cavalry. I have managed to carry on, despite feeling gradually more wiped out. I'm going to leave them for now and hope to do some more tomorrow. Progress has been slow as I've needed to take breaks more frequently than usual.

There isn't a great deal left to do on these before they are ready for basing - flesh, hair, belts and other leather equipment, canteens, metals, guidons and touch-ups. I might be able to get that done if I'm not feeling worse tomorrow than I do today.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Even sick you have been painting more than I have for the whole year.

  2. Never mind chuck, you'll be better soon. Rum is a great cure-all. Taken in moderation it certainly eases things. If you accidentally overdo it you won't give a toss anyway! ūüėČ

  3. Get well soon! :) And enjoy your new acquisitions :D

  4. Don't work too hard now. cheers

  5. Thats a lot of fun shiny in that box!

    Looking forward to seeing your ACW Cavalry - your Yankee infantry came out beautifully

  6. Sorry you're feeling poorly. Stock up on Jewish Penicillin (chicken noodle soup).

    I got some new shinies in myself, so I feel your joy.

  7. Don't push it Tamsin, you will get better sooner and get more done.

    If it makes you feel any better I am getting next to nothing done this week so no surprise point bombs from me


  8. Quite the haul there, Tamsin - get some rest and recover fully so you can get to grips with the latest addition to your lead mountain!

  9. @ Chris S - thanks! :)

    @ Gary - no rum here, but plenty of Scotch :)

    @ RMacedo - thanks and I will enjoy them :)

    @ Brendon - well, my illness does help stop me pushing myself hard :)

    @ Paul O'G - are any shinies not fun? The ACW cavalry are looking good and should be up on Saturday/Sunday :)

    @ J Womack - shinies are always good. I do have chicken soup in :)

    @ Ian - it would take quite a points bomb for you to catch up with me now. I'm not pushing things - the bug won't let me ;)

    @ Evan - I am resting, but also doing a little bit to get the new shinies ready for painting :)

  10. Rest when you can, paint when you're able.