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Friday, 13 February 2015

Challenge Day 71 - Yesterday's WIPiness

Just to let you know, there may be a second post this evening.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit more human, mainly because my nose was no longer gushing. I was stilling aching and whacked out though and partook of several naps. In between all those, I did get a fair bit done.

First off I decided to prep some of the new shinies from GZG, then put the bits to soak in soapy water for a few hours before drying them off. In the evening I assembled them:

While they were washing and drying (and after a couple of naps) I carried on with the 6mm ACW. I took these pics last night, but did a few more steps afterwards:

All that's left before basing are the gold bits and varnishing. Woohoo! I will get them done in time for Saturday's posting slot.


  1. Looking good and glad your feeling a bit better


  2. Your energy for painting, despite your recent set-back is amazing.
    The GZG stuff (hover tanks ?) look very criso and should be a delight to paint and the ACW figures are coming along at quite a lick - 2500 points - pah ! At your output rate are you sure it's enough ?

  3. Looking good on the ACW front. Those tanks are awesome!

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the GZG hovers. I love mine and really enjoyed working on them. They have a good solid weight to them too!

  5. You can never have enough tanks - looking forward to the end results.
    That reminds me I still have the voucher from GZG - gotta use him soon.

  6. @ Ian - thanks! It's good to be feeling better :)

    @ Zabadak - they took a bit of cleanup; I suspect the moulds are getting a bit old. I think 2500 points is about right, tough but achievable :)

    @ Simon - the tanks are definitely awesome :)

    @ Millsy - I do like the heft, but don't look forward to lugging them to games ;)

    @ Dan - you certainly can't! Expect results next weekend :)

  7. Glad you're feeling more human and have stopped gushing.
    No yellow piping on the cavalry uniforms? ;)

    1. You want piping in 6mm? *zoiks!*

      Besides, these are clearly late war and have abandoned the piping on their breeches ;)