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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Challenge Day 70 - 28mm WotR Retinue Archers

Following my recent trend, I only had one entry submitted to the Challenge last week. Also following my recent trend, it was a big entry - sixty 28mm foot figures, adding 300 points to my total. thereby busting through my original target by quite a margin with nearly 6 weeks remaining. I've therefore increased my target from 1500 to 2500 points. It will be a bit of a stretch to get there, especially as I plan to take things a little easier for now, but is still within the realms of possibility.

But on with the entry and the pics.

For quite a while I'd wanted to do a 28mm army for FoG:AM but had been put off by the cost and none of the plastic ranges available really appealed. Then I came across the Parry's plastics for the Wars of the Roses and just knew that I had to do it. So, several purchases were made. I'd already picked up a pack of the European mercenaries and added to that 2 packs of WotR infantry, 2 packs of mounted men at arms (half will be done as knights/men at arms and the other half as currours) and a pack of foot knights. These will be enough for me to do up a starter army - later on I'll probably buy a couple more packs of infantry and another of mercenaries to add some of the optional units (northern border foot, militia foot, mercenaries); it will also allow me to bring all three retinues up to eight bases of archers.

Since then I've also bought a copy of Lion Rampant. Although it is intended for singly based figures, it can be used with multi-based figures as well but you need a way of recording casualties.

But you want pictures. I've painted up the sixty figures as retinues of three different fictional lords.

Edward Kneale, Earl Anderida

Charles Kneale, Baron Broadstone

Piers Rose, Earl Chelwood

I'm quite pleased with how the "murrey" came out on the liveries for this retinue.

Although my leanings are to the House of Lancaster (my mum was a Lancashire lass), I do want to be able to use these as supporters of either house for gaming. To that end, I have made use of white flowers and red blossom tufts - half the bases have the flowers in front and blossoms in rear; the other half have them reversed. As this wasn't particularly clear in the photos above, I've taken a couple more to show this:

I might do another post later to show progress on the 6mm ACW cavalry, but will probably schedule it to post tomorrow morning.


  1. They are inspiring stuff for sure but getting them done in just a week, that beggars belief


  2. A cracking entry! You are cranking stuff out for sure, be good to see you get the 2500 pts..

  3. Lovely stuff speedy gonzales

  4. Impressive stuff Tamsin! Great looking units and in such a short time.

  5. Cracking good stuff!
    Those miniatures really do form up well together to create a unit.

    "Although my leanings are to the House of Lancaster"

    Boo-oo! Such things should never be admitted to in public.
    Blessed be the Shires of York.

  6. Most impressive units, excellent job!

  7. These have definitely hit the mark - well done!

  8. @ Ian - cheers! It was good to get them done in a week, but these figures are a quick paint. I think they were helped along by the old trick of white dry-brush over black primer which helped avoid the need for highlighting :)

    @ Dave - thanks! I'll be easing off on the crank for a week or two before the final push. If I can make 2500 points I'll be very pleased as I didn't break 2000 points in the last two Challenges :)

    @ Dan - Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! ;)

    @ Samuli - cheers! I was helped by these being such a quick and easy paint :)

    @ Roy - thanks! :)
    Perhaps I shouldn't point out that despite the name, the House of York had much less support in what is now Yorkshire than Lancaster did ;)

    @ Phil - merci! :)

    @ Evan - thank you! :)

    1. :) But where would be the fun in that :P