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Monday, 23 February 2015

Challenge Day 80 - More Fun With The Airbrush

This afternoon saw me playing with the airbrush again. This time it was laying down the basic colour scheme on my ESU spaceships.

I forgot to take pics after the first two stages, but did remember after the third and fourth.

Step 1 - Basecoat of Hull Red
Step 2 - First highlight of equal parts Hull Red and Scarlet
Step 3 - Second highlight of Scarlet

Step 4 - Black striping

From this point on I'll be doing the rest with normal brushes. The black stripes will be highlighted with dark grey, then it's time to pick out some panels in a contrast colour (dark green or dark blue - I haven't made my mind up yet), weapons, engine glow. My plan is to do all that toward the end of the week.

After packing away the spray booth and washing out the cleaning jar, I set about cutting up an A4 magnetic sheet to stick onto the MDF bases the hover vehicles are mounted on. It was after sticking them on that I discovered that the sheet I'd cut up was actually flex-o-metal and not magnetic.


Rip the bits of flex-o-metal off the bases, cut up another sheet (checking it is magnetic this time), stick to bases.

There is a good reason for having done this. Apart from the fact that eventually I'd be doing it anyway for storage and transport purposes. You see, I decided that it would be much better to do the vehicles at work in my lunch breaks than the smaller bits. I'll be starting on the APCs.

With all that sorted out, it was time to crack on with some painting. I started with the power armour troops and have taken them to being ready for the Strong Tone wash (I'll do that after posting). As I still had some of the Luftwaffe Uniform left, I did the bits on the MAWPs and hover drones that are that colour.

With a bit of luck, and a fair wind to fill my sails, I should be able to get the painting on these bits finished tomorrow night, leaving the varnishing for Tuesday evening. I'll do the basing once the vehicles are all finished.


  1. Very impressive - you seem to be getting the hang of an airbrush very quickly!

  2. You are definetly improving your air-brushing skills and getting 'braver' with what you're attempting - very impressive indeed.

  3. I thought the title was 80Days with an Airbrush at first. You are starting to take to that airbrush they look good.

  4. Sometimes when I working with food, I forget to snap the first few pictures as well.

    How ya' feeling? Any better?

  5. @ Miles - thanks! It doesn't seem to be as hard as I'd thought it might be. I still need a lot of practice though :)

    @ Joe - it's amazing how quickly you get used to it. I think I may have reached the limit for now though, more down to the airbrush than my courage :)

    @ Robert - I'm pleasantly surprised by how quickly I've picked up the skills. Now I'm looking to go to the next step, but will need a better airbrush and compressor :)

    @ Whisk - I'm felling much better thanks! :)
    Boogie boogie!