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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Challenge Day 77 - Cripes! Only 4 Weeks Left!

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? It seems like only 11 weeks ago that this year's Challenge started. What's that? Oh, it was 11 weeks ago.

Still, that leaves us with just 4 weeks until it all ends and we can look back in horror at what we have done to ourselves and each other.

To achieve my revised target of 2500 points, I need to paint up just over 600 points of figures. It looks as though I will be rather busy.

I haven't done any painting this evening (OK, I did go over the barrels of the rifled cannon with a thin coat of black) but I have stuck the ACW infantry and artillery crews onto bases ready for adding basing texture tomorrow evening.

The guns will be added once the basing texture has dried and been dry-brushed.

Once the basing texture has been added, I'll be assembling the final bits for my NSL forces - the power armour troops, the MAWPs and some drones. This weekend I'll be knocking out some sessions with the airbrush to get them and the vehicles primed and (hopefully) at least part-way painted. I'll post some pre-priming photos of the whole lot tomorrow night.


  1. Sure you will manage to clear another 600 , no problem!

  2. You wrote this up, funny.

    Good stuff.

  3. Going out strong with all those points in the pipeline Tamsin. Cheers

  4. Good luck for the last 4 weeks Tamsin! :)

  5. Good luck even though you won't need it. You'll paint 600 points in your sleep, literally.

  6. I shudder to think what you will achieve in four weeks!

  7. I am in awe of your dedication to painting. I am pleased if I finish a handful each week!

  8. Ooohh don't say 4 weeks left! It sounds much better to say 27 days

    With the rate you paint, I don't think those 600 points are going to take long to get through

  9. Four weeks! Crikey - I'm even further behind than I thought.

    You'll smash 600 Tamsin, I'm sure.

  10. @ Dave - yup, should be able to make 600 points, but will need to do some front-loading of that to ensure I have time to work on the Curtgeld. I'm going to be trying something new (to me) with that so need to avoid distractions and have plenty of time..

    @ Whisk - you should know by now that if I can make it funny, I do my best to :)

    @ Brendon - yup, but the plans are subject to changes ;)

    @ Chasseur - thanks and good luck to you! :)

    @ Robert - you're right. The trouble is that the figures I paint while sleeping are in the wrong colours, so I have to redo them. I mean, who's seen an entire regiments on pink horses with sky blue dapples? ;)

    @ cwheeler - well, I'm making up for all those lost years. Once I have several armies to game with (and OpFors for solo play) I can slow down some :)

    @ Paul - well, 26 days now I guess ;)

    @ Phil - well get a move on then. Chain yourself to the paint table and churn them out ;)