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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Challenge Day 84 - 3 Weeks Left

I did take the hover vehicles to work yesterday and sprayed them with matt varnish. Later on I dotted gloss varnish onto various lights.

In the evening I added texture mix to the bases of all the NSL reinforcements. Tonight I'll be sealing that with a mix of brown ink in 50% PVA. Drybrushing and flocking will be done on Friday night.

Once that was done, I made a start on detailing the ESU spaceships. Firstly, the black stripes were drybrushed with German Grey. The the weapons and engines were painted German Grey. Lastly I picked out some panels on all of the ships. Where there is only one ship of the class, they got a mix of Dark Prussian Blue and Black Green panels; where there were two, one got Dark Prussian Blue and the other got Black Green; where there were three, one got Dark Prussian Blue, one got Black Green and the third got Black Red.

Tonight I'll be doing something I don't really want to do - opening the bathroom window and spraying them with satin varnish. Once that has dried, they'll get a wash of heavily thinned black paint to bring out the details. Then it will be engine and weapon glow and the hangar opening on the Super dreadnought. That will be followed by a final spray coat of matt varnish. If I have time, I'll glue flight peg toppers to the undersides.


  1. Grteat progress. I am struggling to decide what colour to paint my ships while you are going for it. They are looking good.

  2. These ships are well on their way to being finished that's quick. Clint needs to catch up.

  3. If I blur my eyes, the first shot almost looks like baked cookies/biscuits.

  4. Getting stuff done. The hover vehicles are going to look awesome.

  5. @ Clint - well, think of it like this - I'm setting a target for you to beat :)

    @ Robert - yup. Ships tend to paint up quite quickly once you get started :)

    @ Whisk - lol! That cracked me p a little, especially when I tried it - you're right! :)

    @ Brendon - does anything I work on ever not look awesome? ;)