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Monday, 2 February 2015

Challenge Day 59 - Longbowmen WIP

The NSL Panzer Grenadiers got posted earlier today.

But onto the longbowmen.

Last night they all got primed:

At lunchtime today, they got dry-brushed with Off White to provide some pre-highlighting:

And that is where the wheels came off my Schlieffen Plan. Due to a typographical error, it turned into the Schlafen plan.I had intended to have a brief power nap, but woke up over 3 hours later.

I had intended to try to paint all 60 longbowmen in one go. A quick reassessment of paint table logistics disabused me of this notion, so instead I am painting them up in batches. At least until all the base coats are done. Then I will do shading washes on the whole collection. The last step will be painting badges

So, I have started on the first batch. Most of the base coats are done now, with just the leather and metal to go. I should finish those before going to bed.

Tomorrow, I'll do the base coats on the second batch and maybe the third, depending on how things go. They should all be finished by next weekend for another points bomb.


  1. Solid progress! What colour are you using for the bows and arrows?

  2. Ok, I need to get back to painting

  3. I've had a look at the finished NSL and they're great. Well done that Girl.

  4. @ Millsy - I'm using Iraqui Sand as the basecoat, then the arrows get a brown ink wash and the bows get a coat of Vallejo's "Woodgrain" transparency

    @ commissarmoody - I see from your blog that you have ;)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! I'll be posting them here tomorrow. :)


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