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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Challenge Day 68 - Foul!

I cry foul for two reasons:

1) Someone has given me a very nasty bug. I was feeling fine this morning, then at lunchtime noticed myself feeling yucky and the symptoms rapidly got worse throughout the afternoon. I ended up leaving work about an hour early, bought some essentials on the way home and grabbed a takeaway, ate it and went to bed for a few hours.

It's not looking good for painting right now and I doubt I'll be up to doing anything like that tomorrow.

So, own up. Who infected me? Was it:

a) Clint, to delay me finishing my current bits so I can start on the ESU space fleet?

b) Alan and/or Curt to prevent me painting any more 6mm and taking an unassailable lead in our teeny tiny side-bet?

c) Some random stranger on the Tube going to and from work?

d) all the above acting in a conspiracy against me?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address. Terms and Conditions apply. Correct answers will be entered into the prize draw and the winner selected at random. Employees and immediate relations of Wargaming Girl Inc and subsidiaries may not participate. No animals were harmed in the making of this post. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved.

2) I have been given a red card.

Oh, hang on a second - that's fair, not foul! I strongly suspect that the parcel is my order from GZG. If I'm still sick tomorrow, I'll need to get some supplies in, so I'll make a slight detour and pick it up on the way back.


  1. The answer is "D". When in a competition, everyone will always conspire to derail the efforts of the most talented individual. Hope you get to feeling better soon and good luck.

  2. Nice to see a positive, and even humorous, attitude from someone under the weather. Hope ya get to feeling better soon!

  3. What you want is too sick to work but not to sick to paint. It's a fine balance sometimes....
    Hope you feel better soon as I am enjoying seeing you output during this challenge.

  4. I say it was Clint.....I think it was him who infected me as well!!!

  5. It was me, I came down to London especially on orders from Ian. We Northerners stick together you know. ;o). Hope you're feeling better and painting again soon.

  6. I think it was Ray. He's just the type to do it and then blame others for his own actions!

    I think you will win the space fleet side battle, I have gotten side tracked. (Bloody new PBI rules Curse you Peter Pig!)

  7. I've had a bug now for ten days so I hope you get better quickly!

  8. I think the main question is were you infected before or after the red card arrived?

  9. You have my sympathy, I was sick last week. The hot entry was almost a single Jeep with the justification of painted while running Fever.

    Get well soon

  10. I think it was the postman - with the amount of hobby stuff you order there's a great chance he's left his germs on one of those cards !

    Get well soon me dear.

  11. We're you by any chance poked with a brolly by a sinister looking chap with a Bulgarian accent?
    I keep waiting for your next parcel to be "All of Western History in 6mm" and for you to have the prep work done within 24 hours and the points bomb dropped within 72. Hope you're better soon.

  12. @ Maj Dizaster - that's what I suspect as well ;)

    @ RedSaber - I've learnt from experience that is best to stay positive and cheery, the only trouble being that the docs won't believe you when you say you're ill :)

    @ cwheeler - yup, that's a good combination. I can paint, but it's hard work so everything takes much longer :(

    @ Ray - ahh, but was he acting alone? ;)

    @ Peter - I may have been born and live down South, but my mum was a Lancashire lass so I'm half Northern :)

    @ Clint - you could be right; he is that type ;)
    I'm also getting sidetracked from painting my spaceships - lucky we're only competing for bragging rights :)

    @ Legatus - sorry to hear that; get well soon :)

    @ Paul - I was infected before this card arrived

    @ Adam - cheers :)

    @ Dan - that is a possibility I hadn't considered ;)

    @ Michael P - there is a chance, but surely I would have noticed something? ;)
    As for "All of Western History in 6mm", fortunately for my sanity my megalomania has not yet reached such proportions. As for prepping and painting them in 72 hours, my name is not Dave or Millsy ;)