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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Challenge Day 74 - Bleugh Again!

Well, it was back to work today (boo! hiss!). But it seems I've picked up another bug straight after the last one. Fortunately this one doesn't seem as debilitating, so it shouldn't interfere with my painting or keep me off work.

I've finished painting the eight artillery crews this evening, and made a good start on the next two infantry regiments. I should be able to get another step done (the hair) tonight; They should get finished tomorrow evening. I'll then do a quick paint up of two strips of skirmishers (I have two strips that were painted alongside the cavalry last week) and call it a job lot on these for this week. Although the four infantry regiments and eight artillery bases will only net me 80 points, I'm happy with that for the week. I've got a game booked for Thursday evening, so I might start basing the infantry and artillery on Wednesday.

Instead, with just over 4 weeks to go, I need to get some big prep done for a serious points bomb. It's time to put together a load of billmen, foot knights and mounted men at arms for my WotR army. I've got a week off work in March when they'll be painted.

So, how is my painting schedule looking?

Week 12 (next week) - hover vehicles and other reinforcements for my NSL force; possibly the ESU spaceships if enough time

Week 13 - WotR points bomb

Week 14 - ESU spaceships

Week 15 - Curtgeld and some other bits

I'll continue painting up the 6mm ACW alongside all of these for a final submission.


  1. You are definetly a painting machine, despite not feeling 100%. I'm coming to the belief that you don't in fact sleep and any talk of sleep is a cover-up

  2. Yes, I agree with Zabadak. You're a painting machine.

    Sorry about the bug though.

  3. You've chained the Paint monkey to your desk! Also you never sleep.

  4. Sorry to hear that you've not been well Tamsin, but looks like you got plenty to keep your spirits up here.

  5. Sorry to hear you're still sick, or sick again. I wish I could be half as productive as you. Lots of good stuff done and more interesting along the way. I haven't dipped my toe into airbrushing yet but I'm curious about it. How are the Noch puffer bottles working for you? I've been wondering if that wold help me with my static grass issues.


    *and breathe*

    @ Joe - I do sleep, but have trained myself to paint while doing so ;)

    @ Whisk - it's that time of year I guess. Lots of nasty bugs going around :(

    @ Paul - cheers! :)

    @ Robert - I respectfully refer you to my response to Joe ;)

    @ Ray - will do old bean! :)

    @ Michael A - last week's bug was bad; this one is just annoying ;)

    @ Sean - I've been using the Noch bottles for a couple of years and they do work a treat for short static grass The ones I got recently were extras for different mixes. I have since read that model railway folk have been using empty washing up liquid bottle for the same effect which would be a lot cheaper.