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Friday, 20 February 2015

Challenge Day 78 - Ready For Tomorrow

As I have noted, tomorrow is going to be a busy day and the start of a busy week. This evening has also been a bit busy, getting ready for tomorrow's busyness.

The 6mm ACW figures have had basing texture added. Tomorrow, the bases will get drybrushed and flocked, the infantry will have flags added and the artillery will have their guns glued into place. And take photos of them of course; write the blog post and wait for Curt to post it with the points.

I've also assembled the NSL bits - MAWPs, power armour and some hover drones:

The hover drones are stuck onto lengths of brass rod for painting - once done, they'll get stuck onto the clear rods that I've stuck into hex bases.

A couple of evenings ago, I glued the hover vehicles onto MDF bases. This is to make it easier to hold them for painting and also so that I can add magnetic sheet later to hold them securely for transport.

I've got a couple of little jobs left to do tonight - cleaning my brushes and setting the spray booth up ready to go in the morning.


  1. Nice and organised, don't be so busy that your illness gets the upper hand again


  2. I can't wait to see the NSL army painted but don't forget to sleep you are sick after all.

  3. Coming along nicely Tamsin. Make sure to look after yourself :)

  4. That should keep you out of mischief!

  5. @ Whisk - I'm much better thanks :)

    @ Ian - nice, yes; organised, maybe (but these things are relative). I may be busy, but I'm also keeping an eye to make sure I don't trigger anything nasty :)

    @ Robert - most of the NSL is painted, these are just the reinforcements. I am actually getting a decent amount of sleep at the moment thanks :)

    @ Dave - cheers! :)

    @ Simon - thanks; will do! :)

    @ Michael A - you'd think so, wouldn't you? But mischief can easily be created during my painting breaks :)

    @ Ray - I may need to do a bit more than plodding ;)