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Friday, 6 February 2015

Challenge Day 63 - Nine Weeks Down, Six To Go

Well, we are now a full sixty percent of the way through this year's Challenge and it looks as though I am on course to beat my output of both my previous Challenges (individually, not jointly - I'm not one of those nutters at the very top of the table!).

There's just a little bit of work to do on the second batch of archers before they finished painting - metal highlights and details. And varnishing of course. I'll be doing that after this post, before I go to bed.

Tomorrow, I'll be sticking the figures onto bases and adding basing gunk, then Saturday should see them finished off. That will put me on 1698 points; that's 26 points (13 x 15mm/5.2 x 28mm foot) painted per day, 183 points (91 x 15mm/36.5 x 28mm foot) per week.

Phew! It's exhausting just thinking about it!

Once this submission is out of the way, I'll be slowing down a bit. I've still got two side-bets on the go - the teeny-tiny beggars against Alan and Curt; and the spaceships challenge with Clint. I think next week may see me try to knock out 8 more bases of 6mm ACW, then the following week I'll aim to paint up the ESU space fleet.

I've placed a couple more orders this evening. The first was for a bunch of Model Air paints and some 17ml bottles of different coloured Vallejo surface primer. The second was with Figures in Comfort for a couple of pluck-foam trays (for spaceships), some tokens to use with Gruntz (to mark some things which aren't covered by the standard tokens) and a couple of acrylic templates.


  1. These are coming along nicely. They are going to look fantastic. cheers

  2. "I'm not one of those nutters at the very top of the table!"
    Hey, I resemble that remark!

    1. I was going to post the same remark!


      Crack on Tamsin.

  3. Perhaps not a nutter but your pace is making my head spin. Kick Clint's er... can with the spaceships he's painting for evilbay so you can get him good.

  4. That's some output you'e achieved over the last two months with the prospect of more to come - t's exhausitng just keepin up with it, but the pay-off at the end must be extremely reawrding when you eventually take time to reflect.

  5. Congratulations for making it 2/3 through, great output and nice figures.

    I am curious do you use an airbrush, and how do you find the Model Air paints, I use the primers in an airbrush but have yet to use Model Air paints.


  6. Wow, I hadn't realised we wee 60% of the way through. Better get my skates on - I'm way off target!

  7. @ Brendon - thanks! Especially nice to hear you say so having seen yours :)

    @ Millsy and Dave - are you denying your madness? ;p

    @ Robert - if my pace makes your head spin, I strongly advise you not to look at the pace being set by Millsy, Dave, Mark and Miles :)

    @ Zabadak - it is indeed rewarding to see so much stuff rolling off my paint table and into their file boxes :)

    @ John - not yet, but I'll be trying my hand with it shortly. I'll mostly be using it for vehicles and buildings for now, maybe for primingbase-coating figures at some point in the future. I'll let you know how I get on with the Model Air.

    @ Phyllion - it is pretty scary how far through we are already.

    1. I've disabled my feeds to Millsy, Dave, Mark & Miles there is only so much insanity I can take each week. :)


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