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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Challenge Day 46 - Yo Ho Ho!

I went with the hats. I've decided to take an evening off from painting, but will put in a good session tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll get the remaining colours and the belts & scabbards done, leaving just metals and lace to do on Friday.

Just to prove that the hats are done:


  1. Coming along nicely! What game are you going to use this lil' cutthroats in?

  2. Looks like they are going to be great


  3. That's a passel (posse? is there a collective noun?) of pirates!

  4. These are turning out to be a very colorful unit. Can't wait to see them all based up and ready to raid.

  5. Impressive work - all the more as the "hats" have three corners :)!

  6. Thanks folks!

    @ Samuli - the bulk of the figures will be based up for my FoGR buccaneer army. A few might get put aside for pirate skirmish gaming.

    @ Michael P - a scourge?

    @ Iowa Grognard - they are rather colourful at the moment, but hopefully the ink wash will tone down some of the brightness :)

  7. I still cant beleive the speed that you paint them chaps and they are looking rather nice.

  8. Yo ho ho...and a bottle of... :-)


  9. @ Sidney - thanks!

    @ PK - I'm actually going a bit slower than usual with these

    @ urban bunny - aarrrrr!

    @ Marzio - rum!!!