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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Challenge Day 31 - Some Progress

Well, I'm still off work. The cold has eased off a lot, but I didn't get very much sleep last night because of it, which left me exhausted.

As I'd finished the NSL fleet last night, I decided to make good use of the day by photographing the fleet. To start with I laid out my star mat in the bathroom (the only room with enough space to do that and have room around to take pics) and took shots of the fleet together and in small groups for my submission. Then I moved back to my painting desk to take photos of individual ships with a 15mm figure to help Curt with calculating how many points to assign. After that I started writing the blurb for my submission.

This afternoon I downloaded the pics from my camera and set about resizing, cropping and renaming the files. There are a lot of pictures (not surprising given the number of ships) and they came to 8 MB for the submission pics and 3 MB for the size comparisons. I'm waiting to hear back from Curt about whether he wants me to send them as attachments or to upload them to a transfer site.

Once all that was done, I returned to working on my 30 Years War limber teams. I'm amazed how quickly I've got through these - just a couple of steps left on the horses, then I'll give them a coat of Klear/ink tonight. Tomorrow I'll base them, but the basing gunk won't be dry enough to finish them until Thursday.

I guess I now need to start work on something else. The next bonus round theme is hero/heroic group, so the berserkers and Viking warlord will return to the painting queue. I could use a couple of quick wins, so I will probably do the PyRats next. Once the PyRats and Vikings are done, I'll start work on the rest of the buccaneer army. That will be a huge project and my plan is to submit them all in one go, but I'll be painting them in batches then basing them in one go.


  1. Really looking forward to seeing the fleet. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I liked the look of the NSL fleet in your WIPS and am looking forward to seeing the completed work.

  3. Wow! You are a busy girl Tamsin! I hope you are feeling better now!

  4. Good to hear progress is being made and hopefully you win 'bin' this cold soon.