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Monday, 13 January 2014

Challenge Day 30 - Prize Draw Winner

I had to cancel my game this evening as I've gone down heavily with a cold. I've managed to keep myself occupied at home though - I've made up flight pegs from brass tube for the smaller NSL ships and have almost finished the fighters - I just need to spray with matt varnish, glue to the hex bases and paint some final details.

Anyhoos, that's enough of an update. What you all really want is this:

Prize Draw Winner

Well, someone had to win this lovely (are you sure? Ed.) figure, which was my entry for the Villain bonus round.

Somewhat surprisingly, only 17 people had entered this draw. Once I'd added a couple of bonus entries for poems or continuations of the story, this gave 20 entries. Most convenient. I dug out a d20 and made the customary roll.

And the winner is....

*Drum roll

wait for it....

*fanfare of trumpets

hold steady lads and lasses....

*muffled sounds of budgies being smuggled

Michael Awdry!!!!!

Congrats Michael! Drop me an email with you address and "Codename Badger" will be on its way to Awdry Towers.


  1. Congrats with the win Michael!


  2. A worthy winner! Congratulations Michael.

  3. Well done that man - I had an eye on that fine figure myself. Great prize Tamsin.

  4. Congrats Michael, maybe this ogre can serve as ammo carrier for your Pachyderm!

  5. Congrats Mr Awdry. You are indeed a lucky chap.

  6. "Congrats" to Michael. And well done to Tamsin.

  7. Well done Michael - nice one for the collection.

    Tamsin: you're having a lot of colds lately. Best you get a check up. (Yes, I know . . . .)

  8. Oh superb news, Tamsin - thank you so much!

    1. Can't seem to get your contactR thingy to work, it might be the work system so will try again when I get home!

  9. Congratulations Michael, nicely done.

  10. Well done Sir M.....you lucky boy!

  11. @ Michael - it's a pop-up so your work browser might be blocking it. If you go to my profile you should be able to contact me from there

    @ everyone - congrats indeed to Michael! :)

    @ Whisk - thanks! :)

    @ Gary - I've always suffered from lots of colds, just one of those things. Living and commuting in London and working at a university doesn't help as I'm constantly exposed to new strains.

  12. I missed this submission before but this is a very, very cool Villain. Great job on a great mini.