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Friday, 24 January 2014

Challenge Day 41 - PyRats

Well, they're up and people seem to like them. These 24 PyRats from Rebel Minis earned me 48 points which took me past the 1000 point mark.

I've continued work on the 2 batches of human pirates this evening. Did anybody spot the stupid mistake I made last night? Need a hint? OK. I should have done the oily steel drybrush before painting the wood on the firearms and axes. This meant I had to waste some time this evening going back over the wood.

I've made a start on the flesh. So far, I've managed to do all the non pink-flesh shades. This took a while because I was rolling dice to randomise which figures would get each shade. Doing the pink-shade flesh should be a bit quicker as I just have to paint the figures that don't already have flesh!


  1. These were a great choice and most amusing Tamsin.

  2. Arrggh! Them be great looking PyRats Tamsin! Your'e mad!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the whole army now that you have given me a taster!

  4. Congratulations on breaking the 1000pts Tamsin and they look great

  5. Nice Pyrats, maybe these are the things that rats on ghost ships evolve into. :D

  6. LOL! Very clever - nice brushwork too. Dean

  7. @ Loki - they are fun aren't they?

    @ Ray - aaarrr! Definitely mad! :)

    @ Clint - the rest won't be quite such fun as these :(

    @ PK - thank you!

    @ Iowa Grognard - and heading for the coast of Ireland? ;)

    @ Dean - some of the brushwork was a little scrappy, but it doesn't show up in these pics :)

    @ Marzio - I am many things, but your God is not one of them! ;)

  8. I did not spot the mistake BUT they are very scary. Cool beans.