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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Challenge Day 21

I've actually submitted 2 entries today. I heard back from Loki to say he was happy with the coureurs de bois I'd painted, so I immediately sent the pics to Curt with some blurb as my 6th entry. Or maybe my 5th - it depends on whether they get posted before the Villain bonus theme.

Edit: And they're up adding 32 points to my total

After that I gave them a coat of neat Klear (avoiding the mistake I made with the Norman Dux a while back where I used my normal Klear/ink which obscured all the lovely highlighting I'd painstakingly done). Once that had dried, I gave them a spray coat of matt varnish to finish them.

Today I've carried on with the small projects I started last night. The regimental guns got based at lunchtime and the gunk had dried enough by this evening to drybrush. After a quick spray with matt varnish I finished the basing with tufts and flocking, took some pics and sent them off to Curt.

The other project, of course, is the skeleton pirates. I'd finished most of the shading with inks last night and got the rest done after basing the regimental guns. I then sprayed them with matt varnish to seal the ink so it wouldn't mix with the paints I'd be using next. This afternoon and evening I've been painting belts, scabbards, bone, hair, wood and doing a black undercoat on the metal of weapons. They were then given another wash of Warm Grey ink. This just leaves highlighting of the bones and the metals before they are finished.

While I was doing these last night, I suddenly remembered that I had some 15mm grave markers somewhere in my pile and thought they might make a good addition to the bases (if there is room for them). I dug them out today, prepped and primed them and have begun painting them.

I expect to finish and submit them tomorrow evening.

I've made a decision on my entry for the Vehicle bonus round. I will aim to get my entire NSL fleet painted. In the first pic above you can see a ship that I have started painting as a test of the colour scheme I have in mind. I say a ship. Actually it is the big momma of the fleet - a Neu Salzburg class heavy carrier. So far it has only had a base coat of Black Grey.

I'll probably carry on doing some small batches of 15mm while I'm painting the NSL ships.


  1. For a second you had me worried - I thought the vehicles were this weekend and you were pulling an all-nighter!

    Curt's put the coureurs up already.

  2. Well done, you. Hey, do your eyes ever hurt after painting?

  3. Good going. I had not thought of doing starships as the vehicle round. I like the idea. I guess I am hung up thinking it had to be 20mm or larger, no idea why. I look forward to seeing them completed.

  4. Hi Tamsin, Challenge looks like it's going pretty well!
    Been meaning to ask this for a while. What is the box you use for storing your paints? And does storing them on their sides like that help prevent the nozzles clogging up on the Vallejo style pots?

  5. Keep up the good work Tamsin!

  6. Nice work Tamsin, I too am now working on the next bonus round and am heading for the left field on it

  7. Those skelies are looking good

    I have just about finished my vehicles (just decals to go) so I am in front of you on something LOL


  8. Great work there Tamsin and I like the paint holder, where did you get that?

  9. @ Edwin - sorry for scaring you! I think Curt must have been posting the coureurs as I was typing this post.

    @ Whisk - not after painting, but sometimes after supergluing models my eyes hurt.

    @ Clint - the 15mm or bigger rule was to avoid people getting the 50 point theme bonus from a single 6mm foot figure!

    @ Andy - it's a Stanley SortMaster. I do occasionally get problems with nozzle clogging.

    @ Rodger - will do!

    @ Loki - the left field? Sounds intriguing :)

    @ Ian - the finished product looks even better :)
    Still got almost 2 weeks to paint the rest of the fleet - it's going to be a whopper entry

    @ PK - see my reply to Andy

  10. Ohhh, from the smell or burn?

    Yesterday we were cleaning out the fridge and I put too much vinegar in my spray bottle. Didn't take long for my eyes to burn.

  11. Sortmaster. Might have a look for that. Seems to work quite well for Vallejo and good for storage and moving as well?