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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Challenge Day 40 - Making a Start on the Pirates

Well, gentlefolks, last night I did indeed manage to finish of the PyRats and my Hero figure, photograph them and send them as submissions to Curt. Hopefully the PyRats will appear later tonight; the Hero won't appear until Sunday's bonus theme round.

I also did a bit of work on my entry fee figure at lunchtime today - hacking off and filing down details that I don't want, drilling out some holes for pinning, cleaning up flash and mould lines. This weekend I'll wash and dry the various parts and start assembling the figure. I'll also make a trip to 4D modelshop to get a few bits that I need for the base.

This evening I've begun work on the main part of my Pirate army. So far, I've done the black basecoat on the metal of weapons and painted the wood of firearms and axes. I've got two batches of figures out right now - 156 pirates from Rebel Minis (4 packs = 84 figures with firearms; 3 packs = 72 figures with melee weapons). The next step will be to drybrush the metal of weapons with Oily Steel.

Tomorrow evening will see me doing the flesh. I'll be including some as non-Europeans. If I have time, I'll start work on the clothing.

Anyway, here's a couple of quick workbench shots:


  1. A plethora of pirates! Although that's probably just a lazy afternoon's work for you these days...
    ; )

    Following your progress with great interest, so please, keep us posted!

  2. Just seen the Pyrats on Curt's blog. Very characterful and a lot of fun. The Pirate army will be brilliant when finished, so characterful.

  3. Wow, that a lot of Pirates! Best of luck Tamsin - just seen the lovely Pyrats too, great job.

  4. Amazing. I'm slogging away at painting three pirates at present so to take on so many at once is impressive!

  5. OMG thats more there than I have in my lead pile, gosh that is impressive

  6. Lots of pirates thats going to be a nice points haul :)

  7. Wow impressive amount of lead Tamsin, looking forward to seeing them painted. Just started on my own 15mm project - never done 15mm before so wont be a patch on yours.

  8. That's a lot of pirates Tamsin!

  9. @ Ev - as it's the weekend, I should make good progress on these.

    @ Clint - it's going to have a lot of character when I'm done with it.

    @ Michael - only 156 of them!

    @ Legatus - but those will be 3 bigger pirates painted to a much higher standard than these will be :)

    @ PK - this is more than is in your whole lead pile? Quick, sir - get out and buy more lead. It's the only way to stave off death ;)

    @ Loki - I haven't done a full points count for what the pirate army will end up as, but I think I'd better ask Curt to increase my target.

    @ Carl - so, the 15mm bug has bitten? I look forward to seeing those on your blog :)

    @ Rodger - these are a bit less than half of the pirates I've got to paint :)

    1. Sweeping the enemy's decks with a well-placed points bomb, perhaps...?
      ; )