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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Challenge Day 45 - ....On The Dead Man's Chest

Loki's Great Hall has a giveaway at the moment, with some fantastic prizes!

I'm still making progress on the big batch of pirates. The drawback to doing large batches like this is that each step takes a long time to do. The upside is that the end result is worth the patience and drudgery.

I've just completed the third colour set this evening and will be making a start on the fourth after writing this post. This should be a lot quicker as not all the figures need this step. Or I might do the hats on those wearing them. Once those stages are done, it just leaves me with belts, scabbards, metals and lace to paint before they are finished.

Some WIP pics:


  1. I'm impressed by your patience. I find any more than ten figures at a time stresses me out!

  2. This is how I tackled the Ancient Britons, and how I work the nubians, like you say once you get the slog part done they all come together and before you know it you're done.
    I am really looking forward to seeing all these :)

  3. Wow - how many figures in one go? I'm very impress and looking forward to the pictures of the finished hord.

  4. Nice work Tamsin!!! Its like looking at a packet of Skittles!!!!

  5. Fantastic stuff - you are a machine Tamsin!!!

  6. Batch painting like this can be a real killer but yeah...got to keep your eye on the prize as completion of them is always a great feeling.

  7. I'm also a batch painter. The trick is not to try and avoid being bored, its to not mind. ;-) Good music and time to contemplate means the time goes quicker than you'd think.

  8. You're doing great, Tasmin!

  9. Nice work Tamsin! I love how colorful they look! You must really have a lot of patience to paint that many figures at a time! Great work!
    Greetings, Sofie

  10. Before you finish this pirate horde you might want to check your valuables..... Pirates are know to take things that don't belong to them.

    Keep going it is an impressive lot of figures.

  11. Very impressive and the style of mass-production I like; I hope they get used, unlike my own collection that never were used.

  12. Lovely work! I love paimting large batches, especially of irregular troops. I have a project in the works of 120 Arab tribesmen, and t has been going great.

  13. @ Legatus - patience may be a virtue, but I like seeing things roll off the table quickly. There are times when I wish I was doing regular troops so that I could paint a unit up in an evening.

    @ Loki - it's the only way for large bands of irregulars

    @ Dannoc - 156 of the bleeders!

    @ Ray - they are rather colourful aren't they? They should get toned down a bit by the ink wash they'll get.

    @ Paul - thanks, but how many times do I have to tell people - I'm not a machine, I'm a flesh and blood human being!

    @ The Kiwi - yup, the final result is worth the reward

    @ Millsy - I'm usually listening to the TV in the background and take regular breaks, which helps

    @ Dean - cheers!

    @ Sofie - I've grown used to doing large batches over the past couple of years. It does take some getting used to.

    @ Clint - my plan is to keep them drunk with a plentiful supply of grog ;)

    @ Rodger - thanks!

    @ Zabadak - with large groups of irregulars, the production line method is the only way to go. I will ensure that these get at least a few games this year.

    @ Charles - thanks! I don't like painting big batches, but it has its uses

    @ Whisk - variety is the spice of life and pirates should be colourful shouldn't they? Unless you're aiming for realism of course :(

    @ Moiterei - it will be even more impressive when the whole army is finished in a few weeks :)