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Friday, 10 January 2014

Challenge Day 27

I've been feeling wiped out this  and yesterday evening. I did get a nit of work done last night, leaving just a couple of finishing touches to do on the capital ships and escort carriers. I'm taking this evening off though.

Tomorrow, I'll finish them off and do the logistics vessels and big cruisers. If time allows, I'll make a start on the smaller cruisers as well.

I received a package this morning - my order from Warlord Games. I'd seen various posts on TMP about them regularly sending out the wrong items, so guess what? Yup, 2 out of 4 items were wrong! A quick phone call from work and the correct items should be winging their way to me. Plus I get to keep the wrong items.

I'll leave you with a pic of the my game winning position from Monday:

My turn is next and the red carbine cavalry are about to charge some fragmented cuirassiers in the flank which will automatically break them (and give me the final point needed to break my opponent's army). My pursuit might if I judged things right carry my cavalry into his guns as well. In the top right corner, the red cuirassiers (the last surviving unit from my cavalry wing) probably need to turn and make a rapid move towards the enemy camp to avoid being slaughtered.


  1. I took it easy at the start of the week for a couple of days as I was feeling the burn, please take it easy Tamsin have a rest.

  2. I've not been able to do much this week either as I'm in a trough. Pacing is important.

  3. You can't go flat out ALL the time. take a bit of time for yourself relax and recharge. The Painting challenge is a marathon, not a sprint as far as I am concerned.

    At least you got a couple of goodies from Warlord games. Which is all good.

  4. Thats good and poor service from Warlord and it was nice of them to let you keep the incorrect figures.

    Onwards and Upwards as they say

  5. How they stay in business is beyond me!

  6. That's half of the order Warlord got wrong. I would say don't give them anymore business and they'll get the message. And yes, you do have to put the brushes down every now and then to survive!

  7. @ Andrew - taking Friday night off was a good move. I'm feeling much better for it.

    @ Edwin and Clint - yes, it is important to get the pacing right. I'll definitely ease up once I've hit 1k

    @ PK - I imagine it was cheaper to let me keep the incorrect bits than to get them returned!

    @ Fran - I think their pricing takes into account offsetting the costs of mistakes like this

    @ Anne - I can see how it happened. My guess is that the bits had got put in the wrong tray then picked by someone who didn't take a good look to make sure they were the right ones.