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Friday, 3 January 2014

Challenge Day 20 - On The Workbench & Koreans

As today was going to be fairly quiet at work (most of the lab staff won't be back until next week), I decided to take the coureurs into work with me to try to finish them off. I'd left them just needing highlights and detailing. Unfortunately, given the number of different base colours I'd used, this meant I also had to take a lot of paints in with me. Surprisingly, in between the work I actually had to do, I managed to finish them (I hope - I've sent pics to Loki to check if they are up to scratch for the BfC project). So, no pics of these tonight as I'll be submitting them later tonight or tomorrow.

This left me with a clear workbench this evening, so I've made a start on 2 small projects in 15mm. First up are a set of 10 regimental guns for my 30 Years War army. I should finish painting them tonight. The other group are the skeleton pirates from Rebel Minis. I've given them a wash of Warm Grey ink to bring out the detail and provide a bit of shading. I'm tempted to paint these with ink washes to give a faded look to their clothing. Belts, boots, weapons and the bones will then be painted.

Here's a pic of the current projects:

The regimental guns should get based tomorrow. If the basing gunk dries quickly enough, I might get them finished and submitted tomorrow. I think I'll get a decent way through doing the skeleton pirates over the course of the weekend.

Challenge Entry #4 - 15mm Choson Korean Arquebusiers and Crossbowmen

This was a nice, large entry scoring me 196 points. This batch consists of 80 arquebusier (8 as light foot, 72 as medium foot) and 18 crossbowmen (all medium foot). The arquebusiers and 16 of the crossbowmen are Grumpys (from East Riding Miniatures), the other 2 crossbowmen are from Old Glory 15s and were leftovers from previous units.


  1. Great looking Choson troops, Tasmin. I'm glad to hear you could do some of these while at work too. Dean

  2. Top work Tamsin! Warm Grey ah???

  3. Nooooooooooo! great productivity there Tamsin

    Still knocked sideways with your Korean entry


  4. Huge productivity Tamsin and all very nice too see

  5. Cheers guys!

    @ Ray - it's a dark brownish grey

    @ Ian - yessssssssssss!