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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Challenge Day 39 - Points, Progress and Shinies

Points, points, glorious points,
Nothing quite like them for soothing your joints.... 

(with apologies to Messrs Flanders and Swan)

Yes, somewhere beyond 48 hours after posting the vehicles bonus theme entries, Curt managed to calculate the points for all of them and update the league table. I suspect it would have been much sooner if not for my entry which must have had him scratching his head, tearing his hair out and hitting the bottle. So - apologies to my fellow Challengers for the delay.

Anyway, my NSL fleet scored 218 points for the ships themselves plus the 50 theme bonus points. This has taken my score to 960, a welcome boost. It also means that my next entry should see me safely past the 1000 point mark, thereby winning the side challenge. Unless of course Ian has been secretly working on a huge entry of 28mm figures and gets them in before me.


The PyRats are very nearly finished. I've just got to drybrush the bases, spray them with matt varnish and do the flocking.

My Hero figure - Egil Skalagrimsson - will be sprayed with matt varnish at the same time. Tufting and flocking will be done alongside the PyRats, so I should be able to get both entries submitted before I go to bed.

I've decided to abandon work on the berserkers for now, which means that I can focus on the rest of the pirates straight away.


The correct bits from Warlord Games finally arrived yesterday. So now I can (and already have to an extent) set to work on my entry fee, which will also be my submission for the favourite character bonus theme round. This will involve a bit of hacking, drilling, filing, adding bits of Milliput (I don't have green stuff) and sculpting. I want to make the base special for this one and have a good idea of what to do, but I need to get a couple of bits and bobs. I've got almost 6 weeks left before the bonus round, so there's no great rush. I'll be able to do a lot of the work during my lunch breaks.

Along with the small package from Warlord Games was one of those little red cards from the Royal Mail which we all love so much. I knew what it had to be and wasn't disappointed when I picked it up this morning.

That's right - my rather large order of spaceships from GZG. So, what's in those bags?

Extra ships to upgrade my NAC and FSE into fleets to mega fleet size
An ESU mega fleet
Some more NSL ships for the 5th fleet (including Big Poppa - the super dreadnought)
A bunch of civilian ships
2 packs of 15mm Kra'Vak warbeast riders

The last bits are to try out a silly idea I had for a participation game. I won't have time to work on that until the Challenge is over though.


  1. Crikey, that's quite a lot of ships!

  2. Got to love those GZG big packs!

  3. I appreciate the nod to Flanders and Swan. A very good (and deserved) Points haul. Nice new Shinies. Favourite character? Is there a Camel involved.? Why not?

  4. A well deserved points haul!

  5. Now that was impressive! A great haul Tamsin.

  6. All I can say is well done Tamsin, no way can I catch you LOL

    Indeed I may struggle to get to 1000 with a few looming commitments around the corner :-( but lets see what I can pull off


  7. @ Millsy - errmmm, yes. It is rather a lot of ships.

    @ Vladd - yup. I just wish that's how I'd bought my NSL, NAC and FSE originally. I'd have saved a bit of money.

    @ Clint - they deserve the occasional nod. As for my favourite character submission, no there isn't a camel because no camels featured in that film.

    @ Miles - thanks :)

    @ Michael - cheers :)

    @ Ian - you never know. Someone might break the fingers on my painting hand and then I'll be sat there crying as you sail past me and your dust chokes me ;)