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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Challenge Day 35 - Paint Table Saturday

Sofie has been doing a "Paint Table Saturday" thing over on her blog and encouraging other bloggers to do the same. So, here goes my first entry:

So, what are all these? 

The back left group are some 28mm Vikings from Gripping Beast - Egil Skalagrimsson and four berserkers. Egil (and maybe the berserkers as well) will be my entry for the Hero/Heroic Group bonus theme in the Analogue Painting Challenge over on Curt's blog. Eventually they will be used for Saga.

Back right are some 15mm PyRats from Rebel Minis. Another fun unit for my FoG:R Pirate Buccaneer army.

In the foreground are some 30 Years War casualty figures from Donnington Miniatures and grave markers from Timecast - these will be my entry for the casualties bonus theme . I will be tufting and flocking the bases after doing this post, taking pics and sending the pics to Curt (4 weeks early! Woohoo!). I will be using these as cohesion markers for FoG:R - bases with 1 figure for disrupted units, bases with 2 figures for fragmented units and grave markers for broken units. With 16 disrupted, 8 fragmented and 6 broken I should just about have enough given the way things normally go for me!

What's Next?

Once all these are finished, I will begin work in earnest on my Pirate Buccaneer army. I'll be painting the figures in batches, then once they are all done mixing them up for basing. This means it will be a few weeks before I am ready to submit them to the Challenge, but it will be a whopping big entry when it does get submitted - lots of lovely points!


  1. Lots of points for sure in the making there


  2. Lots of fun stuff. I love tabletop shots. I do this with my baking and writing desks. Just snap pictures of whatever is on there at the time.

    Happy Saturday.

  3. Lots of nice work in progress. Finally sent the photos of my Vehicle to Curt. So that tells you how far behind I am!

    Right back to the brushes again. More 10mm stuff to do.

    1. Yes more Camels tomorrow as well for the Vehicle bonus round! WE need more Camels. The year of the camel.......MORE CAMELS!

      Nurse my meds are wearing off please up the dosage!

  4. I LOVE Vikings! This will be neat!

  5. Thanks for participating on my Paint Table Saturday project! It's nice to see what other people are painting! I posted your link in my blog post!
    Greetings, Sofie

  6. Really looking forward to seeing the Vikings close up!

  7. So the Vikings passed from the right bottom corner to the left top corner, seeing all those casualties! ;-)

    Looking forward to see these all painted!


  8. @ Ian - certainly lots of points from the pirate army when it's finished :)

    @ Legatus - Vikings are always excellent :)

    @ Whisk - "on the workbench" pics are always worthwhile :)
    and boogie boogie!

    @ Clint - not more smelly camels?!?!

    @ One A Day Tech - hope you like them when they're finished. They'll be my last 28mm Vikings

    @ Sophie - thanks and this is a great idea :)

    @ Rodger, you will have to wait a couple of weeks to see Erik as he's my entry for the Hero bonus theme, but the berserkers might be submitted as a normal entry once they're done.

    @ Ray - it's only neat and tidy because I've got so few figures that I'm working on right now.

    @ Peter - I think you might be right! ;)