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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Challenge Day 24 - 30 Years War Regimental Gun Markers

Don't forget my 2nd Blogday Prize Draw

You won't believe this - I actually won my game last night, despite a couple of stupid mistakes at deployment (which rendered one battery of guns totally irrelevant, my dragoons wasted on a flank, a foot unit's advance slowed for several turns and my cuirassiers having to engage in some last minute traffic management to get in a solid line for their charge) not to mention being up against a very good player.

The final result was a 18:7 win for me. I did take a lot of pics, but something seems to have gone screwy with my camera. Only the last 8 photos I took are in the memory and the file numbers seem to have jumped back about 300 places.

Challenge WIP Update

I've done a smidgeon on work on the 30YW limber teams this evening. For this project I'll be dipping in and out every day in between doing my NSL ships.

The NSL fleet is coming on gradually. I've gone back to the drawing board and repainted the test ship following some (entirely justified) comments about it on the Full Thrust group on Facebook. I think the best description of how my initial scheme looked is that the running lights officer of the ship had dropped a heavy dose of LSD. It now looks much more sensible.

The rest of the fleet has been basecoated and I'm over halfway through drybrushing to highlight them. I should finish that this evening. The plan is to do the detailing on a small batch of ships every evening until they are all done.

30 Years War Regimental Gun Markers

I did these as a quick-win project and they certainly provided plenty of bang for the bucks - 40 points for ten 15mm guns.

These are for use in FoG:R where regimental guns attached to foot units are represented by a marker. It is partly for that reason that I didn't include any crew figures, but also because the base would have been a little cramped.

Anyway, here are the pics:


  1. The guns look great Tamsin and you won a game as well!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on the win. Keep up the good work on the challenge. Awesome job.

  3. Thats a win / win day for you then Tamsin

  4. Grats on the win. Your painting challenge is going very well too. Looks like it's all going well in your games life at the moment.

  5. Congrats on the win Tamsin! Very nice painting too!

  6. Very nice, love the guns...and congrats!

  7. Love them, but please slow down LOL


  8. Congratulations all round Tamsin!

  9. Thanks all!

    @ Ian - no, I won't slow down! :)

  10. Congrats on winning the game and those guns look marvellous!