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Friday, 17 January 2014

Challenge Day 34 - 30 Years War Artillery Limbers

I was pleasantly shocked and surprised that my 30 Years War artillery limbers were posted by Curt within 2 hours of my submitting them. I can only surmise that everyone is busily beavering away on big projects now or their entries for the vehicle bonus theme round. Or maybe they've all slowed down after a sprint start (never a good idea in a distance race!). Anyway, they've scored me another 48 points, putting me into 7th place on the table. I'm hoping to get a decent points haul for my NSL fleet.

I haven't done a great deal this evening - just basing the casualties. I also based up the grave markers which I'd painted while doing the skeletal pirates. Hopefully the gunk will have fully dried by tomorrow afternoon so that I can drybrush the bases before spraying with matt varnish and doing the tufting and flocking. That will mean I can send my entry for the casualties bonus theme in 4 weeks early!

30 Years War Artillery Limbers

Figures are 15mm from Donnington Miniatures. 'nuff said.


  1. another splendid showing - well done and keep rising up the table.

  2. 4 weeks early? I have yet to even think of my heroic group. It is clear that you have learnt a lot from previous challenges. Keep rising up the table. All the best.

  3. Nice limbers, I would like to build more for my Napoleonic forces. You did a great job on these.


  4. Cheers guys!

    The limbers are mainly to "complete" my 30YW army. The chances of them actually being used in games is remote, but it's useful to have the option.

    @ Clint - the early bird bit on the bonuses is mainly down to happy accident rather than any planning on my part.