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Friday, 3 January 2014

Challenge Day 19 - WIP Coureurs

Hi folks!

My Koreans have been posted over on Curt's blog, netting me 196 points - a welcome addition to my total and which briefly saw me in 4th place (I've been pushed down to 5th place now). I'll post the pics here tomorrow.

Now that I'm back at the four letter word which shall not be mentioned, my painting will inevitably slow down, so having 454 points in the bag already is quite handy.

This evening I've carried on with the coureurs de bois. I've actually got them to the point where they are very nearly finished. The next step will be a wash of brown ink over the browns and yellows to give a bit of variety and depth to the colouring, then it will be highlights and decorative detailing. I should finish them on Saturday if things go well.

Here are a couple of pics to show them as they are:

I'm not sure what to start on next. I'm tempted to do a unit or two of pirates - perhaps the skeletal crew and pyrats just for fun.


  1. I saw your Korean's over at Curts and they were stellar. Keep it up Tamsin!

  2. lovely Koreans Tamsin and the BFC figs are looking great

  3. Nice one Tamsin. The Koreans were a great points haul and well deserved. Keep going as you are nearly 1/2 way there.