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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Challenge Day 29 - NSL Fleet Almost Done

Progress has been good, despite me deciding to take it easy today. I managed to get all the destroyers, frigates and corvettes painted this afternoon then had a snooze for a couple of hours. When I woke up again I did the matt spray of these and the small cruisers which were painted yesterday, then went over domes etc with gloss varnish. Once that had dried, I glued flight peg toppers to the undersides of the small cruisers.

I'll need to come up with another solution for the small escorts as there isn't room on the underside for the toppers and the hulls are too narrow to take 3 mm diameter flight pegs. I'm probably going to have to do something clever with brass tubing. For now, I've stored them in the 2nd pick & pluck foam tray that this fleet will need.

This just leaves the fighters to paint. These will be a little bit fiddly, but with less to do per fighter I should get them done on Tuesday evening (see below for the reason) and get them photographed on Wednesday - I'll take them into work so that I have enough room to put them all out together for a fleet shot.

I'm at the club tomorrow evening for my second game in our 30 Years War tournament. This time I'll be facing a 1634 Swedish army (last time I was up against 1624 Dutch). This should be a tougher battle for me as his foot troops will mostly be in 7-packs and have regimental guns attached. I will want to avoid his foot and try to get onto his flanks and rear with my cavalry whilst concentrating my artillery fire on his infantry. The camera's packed so there should be pics unless it goes nuts on me like last week.


  1. you could use clear perspex rod, I believe its available in 1.5 and 2mm diameter.
    Good to see you have taken it easier today

  2. Cant wait to see the pics, and what points you get for these!!!

  3. I was out all day Sunday so no painting done at all. Good to see you were not resting though and the fleet is looking very impressive.

  4. Don't they all look snug and cosy in their foam.

  5. @ Andrew - the trouble is that the holes in the hex bases are 3mm diameter. Making the pegs with brass rod was no trouble.

    @ Paul - well, you'll just have to wait until Sunday night when Curt posts the theme entries. I'm glad I've finished them fairly early so that he has time to recover from the headache of working out how many points to allocate.

    @ Clint - a break from painting is always good. It looks even more impressive deployed on my star mat

    @ Michael - they do, don't they?